Full Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

Full Automatic Concrete Block Production Line Machines

A full automatic block production line is a highly intelligent and integrated brick making machinery with high output and low labor intensity.

HOGNFA offers tailor-made brick making plant machinery according to various demands.The automatic concrete block production line machines requires less people to operate, is faster, intelligent, can make any blocks and bricks for any shape by using cement,sand,stone powder,fly ash as main materials. Every city in the world needs some of these block production lines for making hollow blocks and other paving bricks,curbs for city and housing construction.

Configuration of A Full Automatic Block Production Line​

  1. Automatic material dosing and mixing
  2. Automatic brick molding
  3. Automatic wet brick elevator
  4. Programmed finger cart system
  5. Automatic dry brick lowerator
  6. Curing chamber
  7. Automatic brick cuber and stacking system
  8. Automatic pallets returning system
  9. Intelligent controlling system

Why Hongfa Full Automatic Concrete Brick and Block Making Machines​

  1. Intelligent and integrated control
  2. Adaptable to various capacity required
  3. High output
  4. Low labor intensity: only 3 workers can operate the complete brick plant
  5. Can be with or without a curing chamber
  6. Equipped with an automatic brick cuber system and stacking unit.

Machines and Equipment of Full-auto Brick Production Line​

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