HF400 Silent Static Press Concrete Block Making Machine

HF400 Silent Static Press Concrete Block Making Machine

HF400 is a specially creative brick machine with no vibration unit. This brick making machinery consists a silent pressing process,so this kind of block machine without noise is widely installed around the cities where has noise control regulations.

HF400 brick machine equipped with advanced PLC control system, hence realizes highly automatic level. Its make products are pavement bricks, and also can produce other kinds of bricks according to the demand.

Why HF400 Non-vibration Brick Making Machine

  1. Silent press without noise, without vibration process
  2. Intelligent PLC control system
  3. High pressure of pressing system
  4. Beautiful brick shape and accurate size
  5. High strength finished concrete products
  6. Expert of making high quality pavement.
Technical Data
HF400 Silent Concrete Block Making Machine
42.2 kw
Pallet size
Rated pressure
Max. working pressure
Molding cycle
15 -20 seconds
Productivity of Bricks and Blocks
Product Type
Qty/ mould
Solid block
30 pieces
7200 pieces
21 pieces
5040 pieces

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