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HONGFA group highlights the motto of Creating Value with Technology,from the decades of dedicated efforts and continuous innovation,the team of experts from HONGFA worked out the representative work in the lightweight wall panel production industry,we named it the EPS Cement Wall Panel Production Line. And it has many other names,lightweight sandwich wall panel making machine,foam concrete wall panel plant machinery,EPS concrete wall panel making machinery,etc, are the most popular names. Actually the wall panel production line is a systematic project,there are many machines and equipment to form a complete wall panel plant. And this wall panel production line is multifunctional purpose project, it can not only produce EPS cement wall panel with hollow core or solid core, but also can produce gypsum board,foam concrete wall panel,precast cement wall panel,concrete slab,etc, by using the same panel forming machines,and the thickness of the panels can be adjusted by the aluminum mold.

HONGFA has established hundreds of ESP wall panel production lines in domestic market and global market,and our experiences and technology has received excellent recognition from our clients from Canada,Brazil,India,Vietnam,Malaysia,Thailand,Lebanon,Nepal,Bahrain,Qatar,Saudi Arabia,etc.

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What is EPS Cement Wall Panel Making Machine?

Hongfa EPS cement wall panel making machine, it’s a kind of mold car that used to produce EPS cement wall panel for construction industry. It also called lightweight EPS wall slab making machine, Cement wall board molding machine or foam concrete wall panel making machine.

The EPS cement wall panel production line can be equipped with 5 sets of wall panel mold cars to 30 sets of mold cars, the quantity of wall panel mold cars required depends on the capacity designed of the wall panel production line. There are many machines and equipment of the wall panel making plant,wall panel mold car is the key part of the whole wall panel production line,and wall panel slurry mixer is also one of the very important equipment. EPS foam beads expanding plant is the important supporting sector too.

What is EPS Cement Wall Panel used for?

What is EPS cement wall panel? EPS cement wall panel is a perfect wall building materials used for the partition wall of high rise building and other buildings, it can be also used for external wall construction and internal wall construction. The EPS wall panel is widely used in office building, shopping mall building, hotel building, commercial center building, school building, hospital building, villa building and residential building, etc. HONGFA group offers complete solution of the EPS cement wall panel making machines and full range of the necessary equipment and accessories.

Main Specifications of EPS Wall Panel

Hongfa EPS wall panel production line machines produce tailor-made specifications and capacity of wall panel products.

Regular length: 2440mm, maximum length: 3500mm
Regular width: 610mm, other sizes of width can be customized
Regular thickness:50mm, 60mm,75mm,90mm,100mm,120mm,125mm,150mm,200mm

The same EPS wall panel mold car machine, is able to produce both solid wall panel or hollow core wall panel, by changing the aluminum mold accordingly.

What kinds of Materials are used to Produce EPS Cement Wall Panel?

Many of our EPS wall panel machines clients are beginners of the wall panel production business, and they always have the questions of what kinds of materials are used to produce EPS cement wall panel.The materials for producing the EPS wall panel is wide range, main of them are cement, sand, fly ash, etc. Chemical additives are HPMC powder, water reducer, etc., and the foam EPS particles (Polystyrene particles) as the light weight concrete filer.
There are two kinds of materials can be used as the side cover of the wall panel, the regular used one is calcium silicate board, the other kind is cement fiber board.
Some clients also produce the ESP cement wall panel without the side cover board. Only the core wall slab.

What Advantages of the EPS Cement Wall Panel?

How to Produce EPS Cement Wall Panel?

The same EPS wall panel mold car machine, is able to produce both solid wall panel or hollow core wall panel, by changing the aluminum mold accordingly.

Regular Configuration of An EPS Cement Wall Panel Production Line

Section 1: EPS Beads Expanding Machine

Function: Use a boiler to generate steam. And the expanding machine use the steam to make the EPS raw materials into the required size of expanded EPS bead, and store it in the EPS tanks, for making the lightweight concrete slurry. This is the very beginning of the wall panel production process.

Capacity of Boiler: 1 ton to 2 tons

Nos. of Storage Tanks: 3nos. to 10nos. ( Depends on the capacity of the production line)

Mixing and batching machines of wall panel plant

Section 2: Raw Materials Batching and Mixing Section

Function: There are silos, mixers, and other weighing system for feeding water, cement, sand, EPS beads and additives, etc., the complete processes are controlled by PLC system. This is the core part of the EPS wall panel making plant.

Main Machines&Equipment: Slurry foaming mixer,silo,scew conveyor,weighing system,etc.

Section 3: EPS Cement Wall Panel Molding Car

Function: The mixed slurry is filled into the wall panel mold car. And the wall panel can be demolded after few hours natural curing after getting enough strength.There are 5-30 sets of EPS wall panel mold cars in the production line, the quantity of wall panel mold cars depends on the capacity required, the more mold cars , the higher capacity.The automatic wall panel making mold car has hydralic system, the mold car can raise up and lie down automatically for slurry filling and demolding.

Quantity of Mold Car: 5nos. to 30nos. ( Depends on the capacity required)

Section 4: Slurry Filling Machine

Function: After the slurry mixing is completed, the mixer will discharge the mixed slurry into the automatic filling machine, then the wall panel mold car will be transported by a ferry car to the right position for the slurry filling.

Features of the Filling Machine: Mixing and filling

Section 5: Wall Panel Curing after Filled with Slurry

Function: After the filling is completed, the wall panel molding cars will be transported by the ferry car to the curing lines for about 5-6 hours natural curing, the curing time depends on the local temperature and conditions.

Curing Time: 5-8 hours

Section 6: Automatic Wall Panel Demolding Machine

Function: After a few hours curing, the wall panel in the mold car getting strength enough for demolding. Then the wall panel mold cars will be transported to the demolding line, and the automatic demolding and stacking machine will pull out all the panels from the mold car at one time and stack panels together, then the finished wall panels will be carried by a forklift to the storage areas. Now a complete wall panel production process is finished and workers will reset the wall panel molding machine for next cycle.

Features of the Demolding Machine: Automatic demolding and stacking wall panel

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As a leading and experienced manufacturer of EPS cement wall panel production line machine and solution & technology supplier of EPS cement wall panel production, Hongfa has gained and enjoyed widely recognition and appreciation for our top-quality EPS cement wall panel making machines and complete wall panel plant machinery.

Hongfa has been engaged in EPS cement wall panel making machine and concrete block machine industry for more than three decades, the ability of Hongfa to offer superior quality EPS wall panel production line machine for sale to the customers has helped us to achieve excellent reputation and the top ranking in the EPS wall panel production industry. Our full range of wall panel making machines including EPS cement wall panel making machine, sandwich wall panel mold car,gypsum board wall panel making machine, solid cement wall panel making machine, hollow core cement EPS wall panel making machine, EPS cement slab making machine, etc., are greatly preferred by our customers domestically and worldwide. 

Our continuous creativity and innovation in the wall panel molding car design and techniques development, have gained the trust and appreciation from our wall panel machines and wall panel plants buyers and users of all over the world. We have built strong mutual trust relationships with our EPS wall panel making machine buyers for our 100% reliability of providing tailor-made capacity and specifications of EPS wall panel production line machines and various types of wall panel and wall board making machines.

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Hongfa has provided the complete solutions and services of EPS cement wall panel production line machines and equipment to many countries and regions.The EPS cement lightweight wall panels are widely used and sales well in the local construction industry.

Feedback from HONGFA Global Partners and Importers

H.E. Aisha Mohammed Mussa, Minister, Ministry of Urban Development and Construction, Ethiopia

We have sent delegation teams to HONGFA since 2016 and 2017 setting up relations on the sector of introducing concrete block production line machines,EPS cement wall panel production line machines and complete solutions,etc. to Ethiopia. We believe there will be rich and cooperative achievements soon.

Mr Emeka.E. Charlie From Nigeria

Since 2013,our company has cooperated with HONGFA importing concrete production line machine with full sets of host block machines and other accessory equipment. The block making machine works well in AkwaIbom State and the blocks and pavers sell well. We are planning to set up a full automatic concrete block production line now, hopefully very soon.

Mr Kelvin Effendi---From Indonesia

We are one of the leading construction enterprise in Indonesia and AAC products are in large demand in the building industry.HONGFA AAC experts helped us established a complete solution of AAC production line and Concrete block production line in our location. We are very satisfied with the operation of the plant.Thank you! HONGFA team have done a good job.

Mr Khalid Khawaga---From Qatar

We have established business relations with HONGFA group from 2014,we imported automatic concrete block production line machines. HONGFA provided super good block machines,after-sales services. HONGFA now becomes the main partner of our enterprise in the concrete brick machinery importing business.

Mr Aktar Kardo---From South Africa

We have bought QT10-15D and QT12-15D block machine from HONGFA,we are satisfied with the block machines performance in operation,the block mold and paver mold are durable with excellent appearance of bricks.the block machines have never lets us down,we appreciate the efforts made by HONGFA team.And hope we will have more business in the future.

Mr Ahmad Abdulasiz---From Saudi Arabia

Our enterprise and business partners have operated with Hongfa since 2015. We have imported and established two Lightweight Composite EPS Cement Wall Panel Production Lines and Several Concrete Brick Plants in our Country and we also have one Wall Panel Plant operating in Dubai. Sino Hongfa Group has proved themselves a Reliable,Trustworthy and Responsible Enterprise with Advanced Technology and Concepts in the Construction Materials Machinery Industry.

Mr Tiago Pardini---From Brazil

We have had pleasant business partnerships with Sino Hongfa Group from the year of 2018. We established a Concrete Slat Production Line in our city for producing Leaky Cement Boards and Slats for livestock farms. And another Sandwich EPS Cement Wall Panel Plant in 2020 was installed with satisfied production. Hongfa supplied excellent slat making machines and wall panel making machines and provided complete solutions.

Mr Milind Desai---From India

Lightweight Cement Fly Ash Composite Wall Panel is a new Construction Material in Indian real estate industry. Hence our company has imported 3 wall panel production lines from Hongfa, the plants are now operating perfectly well in Delhi,Pune and Nagpur. Hongfa is a good partner with excellent solutions and technology in this industry.

Mr Luiz Gawan---From Uzbekistan

Sino Hongfa Group is a reliable and professional manufacturer of AAC production line and machinery. In the past 3 years we are discussing on a large AAC blocks and AAC wall panel production line project in our country. Hongfa helped us established a 400,000CBM AAC block/AAC wall panel production line. And in the future we will have more projects cooperated with Hongfa for sure.

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