Block Machine and Terrazzo Tile Machine Land in Argentina

QT4-15D cement block making machine ready for shipping

Block Machine and Terrazzo Tile Machine Land in Argentina

April 11, 2024

As the global construction industry pursues efficient and environmentally friendly production, Hongfa has once again proven its position as an industry leader with its deep strength in the field of construction machinery and equipment. On March 19, Hongfa announced that its newly developed fully automated brick machine production line has successfully completed cabinet installation and is about to leave for Argentina to inject new vitality into the local construction industry.

QT4-14D block machine ready for shipping

The production line exported this time was customized by Hongfa according to the specific needs of the Argentine market, and includes a QT4-15D block making machine, a 300-ton pressure terrazzo tile making machine and a series of high-efficiency supporting equipment. Together, these devices form a fully automated production line that can flexibly produce various types of brick products, including special-shaped bricks, hollow blocks, solid bricks, special bricks for blind paths and pavement bricks. Customers can quickly switch to produce different types of bricks,blocks,tiles by simply changing molds, which greatly improves production efficiency and market adaptability.

Hongfa QT4-15D fully automatic hydraulic brick and cement block machine is the core equipment of this export. It is carefully designed and manufactured by the Hongfa R&D team based on the actual production conditions of domestic and foreign small and medium-sized concrete brick and block manufacturers. This model is not only well-received in the domestic market, but its excellent performance and reliability have also been recognized by international customers.

Terrazzo tile making machine loaded into container

The QT4-15D brick machine is characterized by its versatility and adaptability, and can widely utilize industrial waste such as fly ash and slag, as well as sand, stone, cement and other materials. By changing the mold, various specifications of hollow blocks, pavement bricks, grass-planted bricks, curb stones, standard bricks, etc. can be produced. The amount of fly ash can be as high as 70%, which not only reduces production costs, but also reflects Hongfa’s ‘s commitment and practice towards environmental protection.

In addition, this model adopts a fully automatic PLC centralized control system, hydraulic system drive, contactless proximity switch monitoring, and integrates mechanical, electrical, optical, hydraulic, and high-frequency vibration technologies. This series of advanced technology applications enables the production process to realize continuous actions such as automatic plate feeding, automatic cloth distribution, automatic vibration pressing, automatic demoulding, and automatic brick discharging, ensuring high efficiency and reliability of production, and at the same time greatly reducing the cost of production. The labor intensity of operators.

The vibration and pressure of the QT4-15D brick machine are organically combined, making the block products produced more solid and durable. Its tensile strength can reach more than 15Mpa, high density, excellent frost resistance and anti-permeability properties, outstanding sound insulation, heat insulation and thermal insulation properties, and accurate external dimensions, which meets the market demand for high-quality bricks.

Hongfa ‘s forced mold synchronous lifting structure design ensures the consistency of product thickness and smooth demoulding, and improves the yield rate. The one-time overall mold ejection function facilitates centralized handling and palletizing, further improving production efficiency and reducing power consumption and human resource costs.

China block making machine manufacturer and exporter

Hongfa has always been committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions. From product design, production to after-sales service, every link reflects the company’s insistence on quality and deep understanding of customer needs. The successful delivery of this fully automated brick machine production line not only demonstrates Hongfa ‘s strong product R&D and manufacturing capabilities, but also demonstrates the company’s competitiveness and influence in the global market.

Looking forward to the future, Hongfa will continue to uphold the concepts of innovation, collaboration and win-win, work hand in hand with global customers, jointly promote the sustainable development of the construction industry, and provide more efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly construction machinery for construction projects around the world.

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