Hongfa Attended the 20th CHINA ASEAN EXPO

Hongfa Attended the 20th CHINA ASEAN EXPO

Hongfa Attended the 20th CHINA ASEAN EXPO

September 22, 2023

From September 16 to 19, 2023, the 20th China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit were grandly held in Nanning, Guangxi. Premier Li Qiang of the State Council attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

The theme of this expo is “WORK TOGETHER FOR A HARMONIOUS HOME AND A SHARED FUTURE – Promoting the High-Quality Development of the ‘Belt and Road’ and Creating an Economic Growth Center”. During the period, activities such as the opening ceremony, the China-ASEAN Expo and the 20th Anniversary Achievement Exhibition of the Summit were held, attracting Nearly 2,000 companies from 45 countries and regions gathered in Green City Nanning, an unprecedented event. Guangxi Hongfa Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is rooted in Nanning, taking advantage of the Belt and Road trade trend to actively expand domestic and overseas markets. It brought a fully automatic intelligent control cement block forming machine and new green insulation wall materials and wall panel production line machinery to a brilliant appearance in the intelligent equipment exhibition area.


Hongfa Star Products:Fully Automatic Intelligent Control Cement Block Forming Machine​

The QT12-15 series block forming machine is a breakthrough product of our company. It adopts flexible PLC intelligent control and advanced detection control system. It can realize diversified intelligent and efficient production through product process data input, storage, remote control and fault diagnosis prompts; “Pure vertical table mold resonance, fully automatic frequency modulation and amplitude modulation” can quickly adjust the production of different products by simply changing molds, and can ensure high consistency in product strength and density. It is flexible and adaptable to meet market demand, and is economical and practical to maximize equipment efficiency. This model has won recognition from customers for its high performance, high efficiency and high durability. This exhibition also attracted the attention of many participants and received widespread praise.

New Green Building Materials Promote the Reform of High-quality Environmentally Friendly Walls​

Strengthening ecological construction, protecting the environment, and developing new wall materials are in line with national policies. The company exhibited new green building materials such as polystyrene particle lightweight composite wall panels, concrete self-insulating composite blocks, sponge permeable bricks, PC imitation stone bricks, etc., which are waste-saving and energy-saving, lightweight and thermal insulation, fireproof and heat-insulating, and have high seismic strength. It is widely used in construction due to its simple installation. The company has multiple sets of technologically advanced new wall material fully automatic production lines, which can comprehensively process solid waste such as fly ash, slag, slag, coal gangue, construction waste, ordinary sand and gravel to produce environmentally friendly wall materials. The product quality is stable and in line with Guangxi’s Building energy-saving standards, and was listed as a benchmark demonstration enterprise for new wall materials in Guangxi. A large number of products are supplied to the construction and building materials market in Nanning and surrounding areas, and have a good reputation.

Highlights From the Exhibition​

During the exhibition, the company’s exhibitors always communicated and negotiated with visiting customers with a positive and full attitude, and used professional and solid business knowledge to introduce the company’s product technology, development history, business philosophy, and achievements and cases in the industry to customers in detail, and won many awards. Customer recognition and appreciation further reach the intention of cooperation.

The four-day ASEAN Expo has come to a successful conclusion. Hongfa Heavy Machinery has gained a lot and was rated as an “Excellent Exhibitor” by the organizing committee. This is an affirmation of Hongfa Heavy Machinery’s strength and product quality, as well as the company’s progress in the field of machinery. recognition of influence. Hongfa sincerely thanks new and old customers for their visit and guidance, and thanks every customer for their trust and support in us. The company will not forget its original intention and adhere to the business philosophy of “leading the brand with technology, building the brand with quality, and enhancing the brand with service” , innovate and develop, keep pace with the times, provide customers with high-quality products and services, and make greater contributions to the development of the global building materials machinery industry.

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