Hongfa Wall Panel Machines Exported to Indonesia

wall panel machinery loading into container

Hongfa Wall Panel Machines Exported to Indonesia

May 3, 2024

Hongf leads the innovation of green building materials equipment and is the trusted choice of Indonesian customers

Dear customers and partners,
Today, May 3, 2024, In the production workshop of Guangxi Hongfa Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., we are witnessing the epitome of an industrial revolution. As the global demand for environmentally friendly and efficient building materials increases, Hongfa continues to refresh industry standards with its professional R&D and production capabilities in the field of green building materials equipment.

EPS cement wall panel machinery shipping to Indonesia

Technological Innovation, Production Capacity Upgrade
Today, we are proud to announce that Hongfa has successfully completed an important export order – a vertical double-opening wall panel machine production line specially customized for Indonesian customers. With its excellent automation, production efficiency and ease of operation, this production line once again proves Hongfa’s leading position in technological innovation.

Double Opening and Closing Design Doubles Production Capacity
Our wall panel forming machine adopts an innovative double opening and closing design, transforming the traditional vertical static wall panel machine into an efficient vertical wall panel forming machine that can automatically stand up and lie down. This revolutionary technological upgrade has increased the single molding capacity to 40 sheets, achieving a qualitative leap in production capacity.

Wall panel making machine loading to Indonesia

Automatic Flipping and Demoulding to Improve Production Efficiency
The equipped mobile flap demoulding system realizes a fully automated process of taking out, aligning and stacking lightweight composite wall panels from the molding machine at one time. This not only greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also ensures the dual improvement of production efficiency and product quality.

International Market Recognition, Customer Trust
Hongfa Heavy Machinery’s wall panel production lines have been successfully exported to many countries and regions. With their high automation and high intelligence features, they have won wide market recognition and customer trust. Our equipment not only improves the production capacity of the local construction industry, but also contributes to the green development of the global construction industry.

Focus on Green Building Materials and Contribute to Global Development
Hongfa has always focused on the R&D and production of new green building materials equipment, and is committed to providing environmentally friendly, lightweight wall panel production solutions to global customers. Our products and technologies are helping the construction industry around the world achieve green transformation and move towards a sustainable future.

Contact us to create the future together
We sincerely invite customers and partners around the world to learn about the product advantages and strength of Hongfa through search engines such as Google. We believe that through our cooperation, we can jointly promote the green revolution in the construction industry and achieve a better living environment.

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Website: www.sinohongfa.com


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