Congrats! EPS Cement Wall Panel Making Machine Starts Installation in Nepal!

EPS cement wall panel making machine installed in Nepal

Congrats! EPS Cement Wall Panel Making Machine Starts Installation in Nepal!

August 8, 2022

Today, August 8th,2022, A full automatic EPS wall panel making machine is starting installation in Nepal after the long journey from China by sea and land transportation, finally reached the site in Nepal.

EPS cement wall board making machine supplier

The EPS wall panel plant equipped with Hongfa latest technology of automatic and double sides vertical type wall panel making machines. The EPS wall panel making machine is hydraulically rises up for slurry filling and lies down for finished wall panel demolding.

Automatic vertical hydraulic EPS cement wallboard mold car and wall panel making machine
EPS wall panel making machine wallboard machine supplier

This is a highly efficient EPS wall panel making machine with multifunctional purposes. The wall panel machine can produce various of solid wall panel,lightweight wall panel,composite wall panel,hollow wall panel,wall slab,wall board,gypsum wall,gypsum blocks,etc.

The length of the wall panel: 1000mm to 3000mm

The thickness of the wall panel: 50mm to 250mm

The width of the wall panel: 600mm ( Customized provided)

EPS cement sandwich lightweight wall panel samples

What is the main raw materials for making the Lightweight EPS Cement Wall Panel?

Establish an automatic lightweight EPS cement wall panel production line,there are two types of wall panel mold car,one type is vertical mold car, the other type is horizontal mold car. But the raw materials for making the wall panel is the same. Main raw materials of EPS wall panel are: sand,fly ash, slag, portland cement and EPS foam particles, the production process is simple and low cost.

Concrete Foam EPS Sandwich Wall Panel Making Machinery

It’s known that the current wall panel plant being installed is the automatic vertical mold car production line. The own of this wall panel factory aims to produce many kinds of wall panels,for example, hollow wall panels,solid wall panels,L shape wall panels,T shape wall panels,etc.

Let us once again thank our customers for their trust in Hongfa wall panel making machines and equipment, and congratulate the owners for early trial production and prosperous business.

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