Hongfa’s Wall Panel Production Line Heads to Brazil

Hongfa wall panel making machines head to Brazil

Hongfa’s Wall Panel Production Line Heads to Brazil

January 21, 2022

In a significant move that promises to transform the construction landscape in Brazil, Hongfa, a global leader in manufacturing machinery for the building industry, has successfully shipped a state-of-the-art wall panel production line to its latest international client.

Hongfa Wall Panel Production Line Heads to Brazil

The shipment, comprising 20 sets of wall panel mold cars, is a testament to Hongfa’s commitment to delivering high-productivity solutions that cater to diverse construction needs. This horizontal wall panel mold car plant is designed to produce four different thicknesses of wall panels—75mm, 100mm, 120mm, and 150mm—enabling the Brazilian customer to meet a wide range of architectural specifications with precision and efficiency.
With the readiness of the site construction scheduled for completion next month, the arrival of the wall panel machinery marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Hongfa’s team of expert engineers is set to travel to the site to provide hands-on guidance for the installation of the wallboard machinery, ensuring a smooth transition into the first phase of operation.

Wall panel machines loaded into containers
Understanding the importance of local expertise, Hongfa is dedicated to empowering the customer’s operation team with comprehensive, free training. This initiative ensures that the local workforce is well-equipped to manage the intricacies of the EPS cement wall panel production line, from installation and commissioning to daily operations and maintenance.
In a demonstration of its unwavering commitment to customer success, Hongfa will transfer its proprietary EPS cement wall panel production technology at no additional cost. This not only enhances the customer’s manufacturing capabilities but also fosters a spirit of collaboration and mutual growth.
Beyond the initial setup, Hongfa offers a robust 7-24-365 after-sales service for the wall panel production line. This round-the-clock, year-round support ensures that the production line operates at peak performance, providing the customer with a reliable partner for all their production needs.
The partnership between Hongfa and Brazil’s construction industry is poised to set new benchmarks in quality, efficiency, and sustainability. As the world witnesses the rise of a new era in construction technology, Hongfa remains at the forefront, driving innovation and fostering global partnerships for a better tomorrow.

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