Warmly Welcome Cameroon Clients Visiting Hongfa

Cameroon Clients Visiting Hongfa

Warmly Welcome Cameroon Clients Visiting Hongfa

December 17, 2022

On December 17th , 2022, Hongfa Heavy Machinery is welcoming honorable guests from Cameroon.

Due to the impact of the epidemic in the past three years, it has caused great difficulties to the normal business development of enterprises and business people from all over the world. Through the efforts and communication of both parties, Mr. KUATE, a customer and friend from Cameroon, has overcome many difficulties and traveled thousands of miles. Flying to Guangzhou from Cameroon, after finishing the medical isolation observation in Guangzhou, he took the train non-stop to Guangxi Hongfa in Nanning City to visit and inspect the factory to discuss cooperation business.

Cameroon Clients Visiting Hongfa Block Machines

For the foreign customers coming from afar, Hongfa Group attaches great importance to it, and sent a reception team composed of the group office, foreign trade department, marketing department and workshop production department to warmly welcome the customers and friends from Cameroon.

According to the itinerary, the customer visited the Hongfa brick machine production workshop, terrazzo tile machine production workshop, EPS cement wall panel and wallboard production line machines workshop, accessories warehouse, etc.. The customer is very satisfied with Hongfa’s building materials production machinery and equipment, and said that he will negotiate and arrange the purchase of related machines and equipment.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the customer expressed his wish to visit Hongfa’s building materials factory. Hongfa colleagues drove the customer to visit the building materials production base of Hongfa Group 4 kilometers away. The customer visited Hongfa’s lightweight partition composite wall panel and wallboard production line, cement brick production line and concrete slatted board production line with great interest. The customer said that he was deeply impressed by the format and scale of the entire industrial chain of Hongfa Group, and that he will promote in-depth cooperation with Hongfa in building materials production and technology as soon as possible after returning to Cameroon.

With the cooperation and efforts of Hongfa Group, the customer reception was a perfect success.

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