How to choose manufacturer of concrete manure leakage board making machine?

manufacturer of concrete manure leakage board making machine

How to choose manufacturer of concrete manure leakage board making machine?

February 15, 2022

As a leading manufacturer of building materials machinery and equipment in China, Hongfa Company has rich R&D capabilities and accumulated experience in the field of manure leakage board making machine. Our company has introduced advanced technology from domestic and foreign counterparts, combined with its own practical application, developed and manufactured a new generation of machines and equipment solutions for the production line of concrete dung leakage board. Our manure leakage board making machine has the advantages of high degree of automation, simple operation, high production efficiency and low failure rate.

Concrete manure leaky board for pig farm
concrete slat making machine manufacturer
concrete reinforced slat for pig farms

High-quality manure leakage board is an important material for the construction of livestock farms. The automatic manure leakage board production line developed and produced by us can produce high-strength, easy-to-clean, easy-to-leak, corrosion-resistant, long-life and high-quality concrete leakage board for users. The concrete manure board has won unanimous praise from users at home and abroad. Hongfa leakage manure board making machinery has the following advantages:

One-piece steel mold: The engraving mold uses a whole piece of steel plate and is carved by a milling machine. This concrete leaky board mold is accurate in size and has a long service life.

Steel mold for concrete leaky board production line
Steel mold for concrete leaky board forming machine

High-frequency vibration platform: Two 2.2KW brand vibration motors are used, and the vibration plate is made of 10 cm thick solid steel plate. This vibration platform has high vibration frequency and does not crack the vibration plate, which makes the material mixing more uniform, the structure is denser, and the manure leakage ability is improved. The quality of the cncrete manure leaky board, enhance the bearing capacity and service life of the product.

Vibrating platform of concrete leaky board making machine
Distributing system of concrete leaky slat molding machine

The technology of the mixing system is mature, the ratio is accurate, and the failure rate is low: using Hongfa automatic mixing system for the concrete leaky board manufacturing plant,the forced mixing of twin horizontal shafts is adopted, the material weighing is accurate, the mixing speed is fast, and the molding effect is good, saving manpower and material resources, and improving work efficiency.

Intelligent palletizing system: The palletizing system replaces manual labor, which saves workers’ work intensity and saves labor costs for customers.

stacking machine for concrete slat molding machine
Palletizing machine for concrete leaky board making machine

Advanced formula and immediate demoulding: After the concrete materials is fed in the mold, after vibrating and surface milling and repairing, the cement leaking board can be demolded to the pallet, and it can be rested under natural conditions, which greatly changes the traditional production method that requires more molds. And improve the disadvantages of long resting time.

High customization: support the customization of various sizes of molds and slat designs, and the slat production line is customized with steel specifications and models;We promise to provide lifetime warranty service.

Automatic concrete leaky board making machine
Concrete slat production line machinery for livestock farms and pig farms

From the above introduction of our automatic concrete leakage board making machine,we can know that the high qualified manufacturer and solution supplier of the concrete leaky board making machine is very important.

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