How to Choose Pallets for Block Making Machine

Pine wood pallet for cement block making machines

How to Choose Pallets for Block Making Machine

December 21, 2022

How to Choose Pallets for Block Making Machine?In the production of cement bricks, the supporting plate plays a vital role in the production process of the brick machine, and is an auxiliary material responsible for supporting the wet brick. If the brick-making process wants to meet the requirements of bricks, in addition to strict requirements on materials, it must also meet the standards of production technology to ensure the smooth progress of brick-making, and the brick machine pallet is such an existence that can ensure the smooth production of bricks.

pine wood pallet for stacking hollow blocks

Cement brick machine pallets are made of different materials. According to different materials, they are divided into: glass fiber reinforced plastic brick machine pallets, solid wood brick machine pallets( Mainly are Pine wood block machine pallets), bamboo brick machine pallets, PVC brick machine pallets, steel brick machine pallets , Bamboo-wood mixed brick machine pallet, glass fiber brick machine pallet, composite brick machine pallet and so on.

Pallets of different materials have their pros and cons. To choose a suitable special plane pallet supplier, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Investigate the production capacity of the enterprise The background strength of the enterprise, product production capacity, and corporate reputation are particularly important. A good brick machine pallet manufacturer can guarantee that there will be no cutting corners, no production problems using inferior materials, and ensure that there will be no problems such as brick machine production failure and short service life in the later stage.


  1. In terms of the evaluation of the quality of the material of the brick machine pallet, I believe that many cement brick manufacturers and business owners have compared the advantages and disadvantages of various materials (solid wood, bamboo, PVC, steel, glass fiber, composite) and so on. . Geographical environment, humidity, bending deformation, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, easy delamination, broken corners, bulkiness, etc. almost sum up the problems of all brick machine pallets.

3. Under the comprehensive comparison, there is no doubt that the steel pallet is almost perfect except for its heavy problem. For example, PVC material is easy to break in cold weather and easy to deform in hot weather. The raw materials of bamboo plywood are in short supply and the cost is high. Hsinchu is full of old bamboo, which is not resistant to impact.

pine wood pallet with blocks on the elevator

4. Price-to-price ratio In terms of purchase price, enterprises should consider their cost-effectiveness from various aspects such as material issues, later-stage product qualification rate, later-stage wear and tear depreciation rate, and service life. If it is used for one more year, how much benefit can be created for the enterprise, if the damage is greater, how much loss will be brought to the enterprise, and other comprehensive factors.

The glass fiber(GMT Pallet)brick machine pallets developed by Hongfa Company, reinforced pine pallets, refined bamboo pallets, PVC surface bamboo pallets, etc. adopt the latest technology and high-quality materials, in addition to corrosion resistance and hardness. , high toughness, and impact-resistant brick machine pallet’s internal structure transmits vibrations more effectively than traditional pallets. Its weight is only 30% of that of a solid steel pallet of the same size, which effectively solves the problem of heavy and difficult operation of traditional steel pallets.

How to Choose Pallets for Block Making Machine

Cheap products have a short service life, the quality of the product is not good enough, it should be bent and deformed, and the second purchase will cause unnecessary losses. On the contrary, for domestic and foreign users who choose Hongfa brick machine pallets, there are many cases where pallets have been used for more than 6 years. In terms of price/performance ratio, in the long-term analysis, low-priced products are not necessarily the most suitable, and slightly higher-priced products may also have the best cost-effectiveness.

How to Choose block pallet for brick machines

Welcome domestic and foreign brick machine users to choose Hongfa special brick machine pallet. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality block machine pallets in China since 1990. Hongfa key brick machine pallets types are Wooden Pallets, Glass Fiber Pallets(GMT Pallet), Bamboo Pallet,Bamoo Wooden Composite Pallet,PVC Bamboo Composite Pallet,PVC Pallet,etc., Hongfa team will definitely provide the best quality brick machine pallet and high-quality service.

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