How to Install Lightweight EPS Cement Composite Wall Panels ?

How to Install Lightweight EPS Cement Composite Wall Panels

How to Install Lightweight EPS Cement Composite Wall Panels ?

January 10, 2022

EPS cement wall panel, also called Lightweight composite wallboard and Lightweight EPS Cement Composite Wall Panel, as a green and environmentally friendly building material, it is the main installation material for the interior and exterior walls of buildings.Hongfa EPS cement wall panel and wallboard making machinery is the main panel manufacturing machines and equipment. Lightweight composite wallboard is more and more popularized and applied by relevant government departments of various countries. The policy support and tax incentives of composite wallboard manufacturers are that the wallboard project can quickly spread out in the local building materials industry and be widely used.

Compared with other traditional wall materials, the advantages of lightweight composite wallboard are particularly obvious and prominent, such as light weight, only about a quarter of that of traditional brick walls, and remarkable waterproof, moisture-proof and fireproof performance. Its internal structure and wide board surface are also excellent in seismic performance, reaching the national A-level standard. With the special structure of polystyrene particles, the lightweight composite wallboard has a good thermal insulation and sound insulation function, and all the raw materials for the production of the lightweight composite wallboard are non-toxic and harmless green materials. All in all, the lightweight composite wallboard is a green and environmentally friendly wall building material that has been widely recognized and promoted by the construction industry at home and abroad.

EPS cement wallboard using in apartment building external wall

In the previous two blogs about lightweight composite wall panels, we talked about what is lightweight EPS cement wall panel and how to produce EPS cement composite wall panel.the concept and production process of EPS sandwich wall panel and lightweight composite wall panels,please check our blogs articles. so now let’s discuss the installation process and application scenarios of lightweight composite EPS cement wall panels.For starting the installation process of EPS cement sandwich wall panel,there are some steps and preparations as below:

Installation tools preparation:

Such as Crowbar,Electric hand saw,Electric drill,Infrared level instrument,Hammer,Trowel,,Ruler.

Accessories preparation:

Wooden wedge,Steel bar,Anti-crack tape,Cement anti-crack mortar.

Wall panel/wallboard preparation:

Use flatbed truck to transport the EPS lightweight cement composite wall panel to the construction site, and use manual trolley and elevator transport the wall panel to the floor or location where the wallboard and panel is to be installed.

After we do the above wallboard installation preparation, now lets start wall panel installation process:

Step 1: Setting line

At the same time lift the wall panels and installation accessories to the position ready for install.

Step 2: Applying Cement anti-crack mortar

Apply the cement anti-crack mortar to the floor and the groove of the wall panel.

EPS cement composite wall panel cutting by hand saw

Step 3: Installing the EPS cement composite wall panel

Assemble the mortar filled EPS cement wall panel into the right position. Then level from the bottom of the wallboard with a crowbar,make the wall panel leveled and tight. Then fixed with the wooden wedges by the hammer,and using L type steel bar to reinforce the wall panel and floor or ceiling.

Step 4: Wall panel cutting

Using an electric hand saw cut to the size that required. And use 180mm (length)*6mm(diameter) steel bar to enter from the 45-degree angle into two wall panels.

Step 5: Correcting wall panel

Use an aluminum ruler to check the level of the wall panels and make necessary adjustment.

Step 6: Grouting,filling up anti-crack cement mortar

Check the gaps between panels and floor and ceiling,filling up anti-crack mortar if there is any empty spots.

Step 7: Sticking anti-crack tape

The anti-crack tape will be applied to the joins lines of wall panels and ceiling.

Sticking anti-crack tape on EPS wall panel joints

Step 8: Slotting and wiring

Setting lines on places needing to be set with concealed wire and switch box,then cut a groove on the wall panel by the electric hand saw,filling with mortar after installation.

Step 9: Installing door frame and window frame

Reserve enough space according to the size of the door and window,then install the wall panel.

Step 10: Installation of tiles

Decorating the wall surface directly by plaster,wallpaper,tiles and other paintings.

Slotting and wiring on EPS cement wall panel

If the height of the wall exceeds 6m and the length of the wall exceeds 8m,the square bar,H type bar or channel steel should be added correspondingly to strengthen the joints of wall panels.

Steel structure eps cement composite wall panel installation process
Shopping mall using eps cement composite wall panels

The above is a complete introduction to the installation steps and process of the wall panel. Regarding the configuration of construction personnel for the installation of lightweight composite wall panels, in order to improve efficiency and tacit understanding, the general installation personnel are in a group of three, so that the processes of wall panel cutting, mortar mixing, mortar filling, and transporting panels can be flexibly coordinated. So the wall panel installation efficiency can be improved.

Lightweight composite wallboard has prominent advantages, simple installation, clean and environment-friendly installation environment. It is an ideal wall material for building commercial centers, shopping centers, office buildings, schools, hospitals, storage centers, warehouses, apartment buildings, commodity buildings, private villas, residences and so on. It is increasingly widely promoted and applied.

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