How to Produce EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel?

Concrete Foam EPS Sandwich Wall Panel Making Machinery

How to Produce EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel?

January 10, 2022

On our last article we have shared some points of What is EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel.Now lets share the process of how to produce EPS cement sandwich wall panel.

First of all,make a plan of the mold car quantity and specifications of wall panel to produce, this plan will be based on local market and practice of local construction industry.

Regular length of wall panel: 2440mm

The length of the panel can be customized,HONGFA supplies wall panel making machines for making panels with length from 1000mm to 3000mm.

Regular width of wall panel: 610mm

The width of the panel also can be customized. Most of our wall panel production line users choose standard width 610mm panels. Some of the overseas wall panel plants produce 600mm width wall panels.

Regular thickness of wall panel:


what is the process to produce EPS cement sandwich wall panel

The wall panel production line can be equipped with several panel mold cars, the more mold cars, the higher productivity. And wall panel plant owners can choose different thickness of wall panel to produce,for example, if there are 10 sets of wall panel mold cars equipped with the panel production line, then the production plan can be like this, 2 sets mold cars for 75mm thickness wall panel, 3 sets mold cars for 125mm thickness panel, and 5 sets mold cars for 100mm thickness wall panel. Different wall panel thickness combinations can be adjusted according to actual needs.

Lightweight EPS cement composite wallboard making machinery

From the above discussion, we are now having a clear plan of choosing the required quantity of wall panel mold cars and specific sizes of wall panel to produce. For a small-medium capacity of wall panel production line,5 sets to 10 sets mold cars plan is recommended, and for a medium-large capacity wall panel plant, 15 sets to 25 sets mold cars is required.

Factory layout of EPS cement composite wall panel production line

Secondly,determine the main raw materials for producing the EPS cement wall panel,this is also very important that it will effect the configuration of the machines and equipment choosing for the wall panel production line.

The selection of raw materials shall fully consider the local market conditions, such as the accessibility of obtaining raw materials, the price level of raw materials,the industrial support policies of the local government, etc.

But basically there are three options of the formula for making the EPS wall panel:

Option one: Sand,cement,expanded EPS particles,chemical additives,water.

Option two:Fly ash,cement,expanded EPS particles,chemical additives,water.

Option three:Sand,fly ash,cement,expanded EPS particles,chemical additives,water.

Other options can be designed as per required. Hongfa wall panel production team will design and test for the suitable and accurate formula based on the site conditions and requirements of wall panel plant owners. 

raw materials for making eps cement composite wallboard

Now let’s come to the introduction of wall panel production process.​

There are 6 sections of producing the lightweight EPS cement wall panel:
Section 1: Raw Materials Preparation
Section 2: Raw Materials Mixing
Section 3: Raw Materials Filling
Section 4: Wall Panel Curing
Section 5: Wall Panel Demolding
Section 6: Wall Panel Stacking and Storage 

Flow chart of EPS cement wallboard production

Section 1: Raw Materials Preparation

This is the starting section of the wall panel production, including the expandable polystyrene expanding system( to produce the foam EPS particle).

The main equipment of producing the expanded EPS particles are steam boiler,EPS expanding machine,EPS drying machine and finished foam EPS storage silos.

The materials of EPS can be bought from the local market or imported from China or elsewhere. The suitable type of EPS raw materials is the Flame Retardant type,specification can be ZKF-303,this is the suitable EPS beads for making fireproof EPS cement wall panel and other wallboard that require high fireproof rating.

The silos for storage the expanded EPS particles are made of square steel tube and high quality mesh,there will be several storage silos of the wall panel making plant, the quantity of silos depends on the capacity of the wall panel production line. A medium scale wall panel plant has 3-4 EPS silos and a large scale wall panel manufacturing line has 5-10 silos.

Cement,fly ash ( if use fly ash) will be stored in the cement silo and fly ash silo, the silos are made of steel plate. According to different capacity of the wall panel making plant, the volume of cement silos can be from 50 tons, 100 tons, 150 tons and 200 tons.

Sand will be batched by a sand batching machine and delivered to the mixer.

Automatic delivery systems and weighing units are equipped with the plant. Cement,sand,EPS,water and additives will be weighed and delivered automatically under the central control PLC system. Hongfa provides one-button operation solution for the high automatic level of EPS cement wall panel manufacturing plant upon required. 

EPS cement sandwich wall panel plant machinery and equipment

Section 2: Raw Materials Mixing

After the batching,weighing and delivery,the mixer will start the mixing process. This is the key part and important machine of the wall panel production line,as important as the wall panel making machines. The wall panel slurry mixer has special inside structure. This slurry mixer is developed by Hongfa team, especially for light composite wallboard slurry foaming and mixing. Using Hongfa designed slurry mixer, the wall panel slurry can achieve excellent mixing and foaming effect.

EPS cement slurry mixer for wall panel production line
EPS wallboard slurry filling machine

Section 3: Raw Materials Filling

The automatic slurry filling machine is equipped with a special mixing device, which can prevent the wall panel mortar from sinking into the bottom and make the EPS particles completely wrapped by the slurry.The volume of the filling machine depends on the scale of the panel plant,we design and produce the slurry filling machine with volume from 1.5cbm to 5cbm. The mixed slurry is discharged into the tank of the filling machine, the filling machine is mobile type, it will move above the wall panel mold car, and then discharge and fill the slurry into the wall panel mold cars.

EPS cement composite wallboard molding machine on the curing line

Section 4: Wall Panel Curing

 After the wall panel making machines are filled with slurry,the ferry car will transport the mold cars to the curing line. The period of wall panel curing time is about 4 hours to 6 hours, it also depends on the site conditions,for example,different temperature and different materials formula will effect the time of curing.


Section 5: Wall Panel Demolding

After the curing process is completed, the wall panel mold cars are transported to the panel demolding line by the ferry car. The wall panel making machine is equipped with hydraulic system, so the panel mold car can lie down for demolding automatically, and the mold car also can raise up by the hydraulic system after the mold re-setting process is finished.

The wall panel demolding machine has two functions, one is pulling the panels out of the mold car automatically, the other function is stacking the panels,so all the wall panels can be transported by a forklift after the demolding and stacking.

EPS cement sandwich composite wallboard demolding machine

 Section 6: Wall Panel Stacking and Storage

A large warehouse is required as the storage area for the finished wall panels. After about 2 to 3 weeks period stay in the warehouse,the wall panel will be delivered to the construction sites for different projects application.

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EPS concrete composite wallboard demolding machine

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