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Pallet for Concrete Block Making Machine

What is the pallet used for a concrete block making machine? In the block and brick making industry, the process of molding blocks by a concrete block making machine or by a large and fully automatic concrete block production line, the pallet used as a carrier for loading the wet blocks after block is demoulding. In addition, pallets are also widely used during the block curing process. With decades continuous innovated research and development, Hongfa has created and developed many kinds of block machine pallets with different materials, and Wooden Pallet, PVC plastic pallet, Bamboo Pallet, Bamboo-PVC surface and edge covered Pallet, Glass Fiber Pallet (GMT Pallet) are among the best.

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All Kinds of Pallets for Concrete Block Machines

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All Kinds of Pallets for Concrete Block Machines

Direct Pallet Manufacturer——Quality and After Sales Guaranteed
32 Years Experiences——Know Better Block Machines and Pallets
Complete Categories——One-stop Services of Block Machinery and Block Pallets
Superior Quality and Durability——Users of Pallets from 100 Countries

Wooden Pallet for Block Machine

Wooden Pallet,the main material is pine wood board or fir wood board. The wooden block machine pallet has the features of high bending strength and low density, this kind of wood block pallet is lightweight and highly welcomed by lots of block machines buyers worldwide.

Hongfa adopts unique techniques and procedure on the wooden pallet production. Between each lath of the wood board, adopts male and female slot joints, and there are 3 or 4 pieces fastening screws and rods inserted for reinforcement of the pallet. In addition, both end of the wooden block pallet is covered and protected by channel steel. By the above special design, the wood pallet achieves excellent strength and durability during the concrete production.

Bamboo PVC Surface Pallet

This is the newest kinds of pallet specially developed by our factory for concrete blocking industry. Our bamboo PVC surface pallet for brick making machines has been highly recognized by our users since it’s been introduced.

The main materials of bamboo PVC pallet are bamboo particles and bamboo slices, special and high-quality glue, with high pressure forming process. The surface of the bamboo PVC pallet is used 2mm thickness PVC cover, with super toughness and high strength, the wear resistance of the pallet surface is equivalent to that of pure PVC pallet.

Core of the pallet:
Bamboo particles and bamboo slices

Pallet surface:
2mm PVC, no plastic surface falls off, and the wear resistance is equivalent to that of pure PVC pallet.

Edge sealing:
PUR or Polyurea material,protect the surrounding area from damage.

Surface treatment:
Sanding treatment, uniform thickness

Water absorption rate: <6%
Surface abrasion resistance:<50mg/100r
Impact strength: >40kj/mm2
Density: 1.2g/cm3

Bamboo Pallet for Concrete Blocks

The core layer of the pallet is bamboo particles and bamboo chips, which breaks the curse of traditional bamboo plywood pallets that will open glue and loosen edges. (our bamboo pallet has good bonding performance. The average value of the immersion tensile bonding strength standard (i.e. product bonding strength) of the “National Industry Standard” is ≥ 1.0MPa, and the tested average data of the bonding strength of the new generation of Hongfa Bamboo Pallet is more than 2.0MPa, which is more than twice that of the industry standard).

The strength is much higher than that of other pallet materials. In addition, the longitudinal and transverse static bending strength and elastic modulus of the pallets are designed and produced in full accordance with the concrete blocking manufacturing industry.

The density of the bamboo pallet is about 1.1g/cbm, full and seamless around, and this is the highest density of bamboo plywood block pallet in China. The water absorption expansion rate is low. Due to the large increase in the amount of raw materials and glue, the water absorption thickness expansion rate of the bamboo block pallet is lower than 6% of the “”national industry standard.

GMT Block Pallet

GMT pallet for blocks, this is a new kind of blocks loading and curing carrier for the concrete block production industry,also called glass fiber block pallet.

The GMT pallet full name is Glass Mat Reinforced Thermoplastic Pallet,the main raw materials of the GMT brick pallet are glass fiber,thermoplastic resin,with Hongfa unique technology and treatment by the process of heating and pressurizing,so the glass fiber of the pallet is three-dimensonally staggered like high strength steel and the resin in the pallet structure is coated with glass fiber like cement coated steel.

Nowadays, GTM pallet has been widely accepted and used in the concrete brick producing industry for it’s outstanding performance. The pallet has the main features as below:

Rigidity Elasticity Modulas:  3.7 GPa
High Load Bearing : Max load 2.0 kn
Bending Strength: 51.0 MPa
Anti-abrasion : Shore Hardness 72
Anti-impact: Withstand Impact of 20KJ/m2
Weather Resistant Operating:  Temperature between -40 degree–90 degree
Erosion Resistant:  Resistance of most Acid, Alkali, and Salt No Water Immersion: Water Immersion Rate  <0.5%
Light Weight Density:1200kg/m3
Life Span Life Span: can reach 6-8 years theoretically

PVC Pallet for Brick Making Machine

HONGFA PVC pallet also is a kind of popular block loading pallet for concrete brick making machine. The main raw material of the PVC plastic block pallet are resin powder and special anti-aging chemicals. Under high pressure and temperature process,the PVC materials is extruded from the pallet making machine.

The size and thickness of PVC brick pallet can be customized, and the thickness of the PVC pallet for concrete block making machines are from 18mm to 30mm.

The main features of HONGFA PVC pallet are excellent hardness, fire and corrosion resistant,our PVC block pallet can be used for more than 6 years without cracks or deformation. Another advantages of block PV” Other advantages of block PVC block machine pallet is smooth and waterproof surface,the PVC pallet is chemical stability,fire resistant and good insulation,so this kind of block pallet is also widely used for many concrete block production line. 

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H.E. Aisha Mohammed Mussa, Minister, Ministry of Urban Development and Construction, Ethiopia

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We are one of the leading construction enterprise in Indonesia and AAC products are in large demand in the building industry.HONGFA AAC experts helped us established a complete solution of AAC production line and Concrete block production line in our location. We are very satisfied with the operation of the plant.Thank you! HONGFA team have done a good job.

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We have bought QT10-15D and QT12-15D block machine from HONGFA,we are satisfied with the block machines performance in operation,the block mold and paver mold are durable with excellent appearance of bricks.the block machines have never lets us down,we appreciate the efforts made by HONGFA team.And hope we will have more business in the future.

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Our enterprise and business partners have operated with Hongfa since 2015. We have imported and established two Lightweight Composite EPS Cement Wall Panel Production Lines and Several Concrete Brick Plants in our Country and we also have one Wall Panel Plant operating in Dubai. Sino Hongfa Group has proved themselves a Reliable,Trustworthy and Responsible Enterprise with Advanced Technology and Concepts in the Construction Materials Machinery Industry.

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We have had pleasant business partnerships with Sino Hongfa Group from the year of 2018. We established a Concrete Slat Production Line in our city for producing Leaky Cement Boards and Slats for livestock farms. And another Sandwich EPS Cement Wall Panel Plant in 2020 was installed with satisfied production. Hongfa supplied excellent slat making machines and wall panel making machines and provided complete solutions.

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Lightweight Cement Fly Ash Composite Wall Panel is a new Construction Material in Indian real estate industry. Hence our company has imported 3 wall panel production lines from Hongfa, the plants are now operating perfectly well in Delhi,Pune and Nagpur. Hongfa is a good partner with excellent solutions and technology in this industry.

Mr Luiz Gawan---From Uzbekistan

Sino Hongfa Group is a reliable and professional manufacturer of AAC production line and machinery. In the past 3 years we are discussing on a large AAC blocks and AAC wall panel production line project in our country. Hongfa helped us established a 400,000CBM AAC block/AAC wall panel production line. And in the future we will have more projects cooperated with Hongfa for sure.

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