Bamboo Wood Composite Pallet for Brick Making Machine

Look no further than the Hongfa
Bamboo Composite Pallet for Your Block Machine

Are you tired of using traditional pallets that are prone to warping, cracking, and breaking? Do you want a more durable and long-lasting solution for your cement brick and cement block production industry? Look no further than the Hongfa Wooden Bamboo Composite Pallet.

Made with a unique combination of bamboo and multi-layer imported rubber wood, our pallets are specially hot-pressed vertically and horizontally to ensure maximum strength and flatness. Unlike other pallets made with inferior materials, our pallets are designed to withstand heavy loads without bending or deforming.

One of the key advantages of our pallets is their superior strength. With a static bending strength of longitudinal > 90MPa and transverse > 60MPa, our pallets are much stronger than traditional wooden pallets. They also have a modulus of elasticity of longitudinal > 9000MPa and transverse > 6000MPa, which means they can withstand heavy loads without breaking or cracking.

In addition to their strength, our pallets are also highly resistant to surface abrasion, with a rating of less than 25mg/100r. They can also withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius, making them suitable for use in a variety of production environments.

Our pallets are especially suitable for producing heavy bricks, heavy blocks, and heavy curb stones. With a density of 1.1g/cm3, they are strong enough to support even the heaviest loads.

But the benefits of our pallets don’t stop there. They also have a lumber moisture content of less than 10%, which makes them less susceptible to warping and cracking. And with a service life of more than 6 years, they are a cost-effective solution for your production needs.

At Hongfa, we are committed to providing high-quality, innovative products that meet the needs of our customers. Our Wooden Bamboo Composite Pallet is just one example of our commitment to excellence. If you’re looking for a more durable, long-lasting solution for your cement brick and cement block making machine, contact us today to learn more about our pallets and how they can benefit your business.

Bamboo Composite Pallet for Brick Making Machine

Introduction: Bamboo Composite Pallet

  1. Materials: The core layer is made of bamboo (crushed sieve, bamboo powder, radial curtain); Surface is made of multi-layer imported rubber wood with hot-pressed process.
  2. Manufacturing process: Specially hot-pressed vertically and horizontally, and its strength is much higher than that of pallets made of other materials. The vertical and horizontal strengths are carefully designed to ensure flatness and no deformation.
  3. Applied products: Especially suitable for producing heavy bricks,heavy blocks, and heavy curb stones

4. Lumber moisture content:<10% 
5. Static bending strength: longitudinal > 90MPa; Transverse > 60MPa
6. Modulus of elasticity: longitudinal > 9000MPa; Transverse > 6000MPa
7. Surface abrasion resistance:<25mg/100r
8. Temperature resistance: 100 degrees Celsius
9. Density of Wood bamboo composite pallet: 1.1g/cm3
It’s the first choice for large load-bearing bricks and PC imitation stone bricks.
The composite brick pallet can also be upgraded to high-temperature steaming pallet. It’s an excellent choice for cement block production that required steam curing process.

Load Bearing Test of Hongfa Bamboo Composite Pallet

Test 1:

Pallet size:1400x1150x40mm
Loading weight:1000kg
Bending value: <2mm 

Test 2:

Pallet size:1200x1100x40mm
Loading weight:2400kg
Bending value: <3mm 

Test 3:

Loading weight:3 tons forklift
Bending value: <3mm 

Test 4:

Pallet size:1400x1150x40mm
Pallet flatness test of after 8 hours load bearing Pallet
bending: 0mm 

100 Degree High Temperature Test

Test Name: Pallet High Temperature

Test Pallet size:


Temperature: 100 Degree boiling water

Test time: 48 hours

Test result: No deformation/No water absorption/No glue opening

Application of Hongfa Bamboo Composite Pallets


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