Wooden Pallet for Brick Machine

High Quality Wooden Pallet for Brick Making Machinery

Hongfa manufactures wooden block pallet for the concrete block making machines,we mainly produce two kinds of wood pallets,one is pine wood pallet,another is China fir pallet. The wood pallets are widely used as the loading pallet for concrete blocks making machines. As one of the leading and direct block machine pallet manufacturer,our wooden block machine pallets have obtained excellent recognition from the pallet users at home and abroad.

The long life-span of our wooden block machine pallets helps the concrete brick plant owners to cut down the production costs and increase the profits. The block machine wood pallet adopts Hongfa unique technology and profound experiences,so the wood pallet can use for more than 5 to 6 years in the block production line.

Hongfa wooden block pallet factory has been engaged in the concrete block production industry for more than 32 years,wood block machine pallet,also call brick tray or brick loading board, mainly made from pine wood,Chinese fir wood and other kinds of good quality timbers. Pine wood block tray, also named wood tray,block tray ,brick machine tray,brick loading tray or block loading pallet, in other countries, it also called block loading board,the main purpose of the block tray application is in the concrete production process, using the wooden pallet in the block making machine when molding blocks or bricks, as a holding and loading pallet for the wet blocks, and after the production, the pallet also is used for loading and curing for the blocks until the block is dry enough for sales. And Hongfa also supply wooden pallets suitable for curing concrete blocks in steam curing room.

Loading Capacity Test: More than 500 kg

Male and Female Slot Joints Pine Wood Block Machine Pallet Durable and Good Quality Cement Brick Production Machinery Pallet

Pine wood materials imported from Russia. Between the lath of the pallets adopts a male-female seam stitching and locking screws fastening (12mm), and channel steel (1.5mm) fixed at both ends and steel sheet covered four corners.

We are the direct factory and manufacturer of concrete block making machine,block machine pallet,wooden pallet for block machine. We provided our block board and pallet, block machines to more than 100 countries and regions. We supply tailor-made block machine pallet and wood tray to our block machine buyers and obtain excellent feedback and reputation.

Between the lath of the pine wood tray adopts a male-female seam stitching, with 3-4 pieces 8 -12mm screw locking and fastening, and the pine wood block pallet adopts channel steel fixed at both ends.

With 30 years experiences of concrete block tray manufacturing,Hongfa pine wood tray stands out for it’s unique design and technology,the high quality pine wood board of the block tray adopts the techniques of using the male and female for the joints between wood boards, moreover,there are 3 or 4 pieces of fastening screw and rods passing through the wood board, to guarantee the tighten joints of the block trays. And the two ends of the wooden tray is using good quality channel steel to cover and fix,so the whole piece of the block tray is very tight and strong.

Because the lightweight of the pine wood block tray, it’s easily handled during the block making process, the density of the tray is only about 550kg/m3,and the water content of the tray is less than 12%. so the service life the block machine tray is more than 5 years.

Hongfa pine wood tray has been used among our block machine clients worldwide for decades, and our wood trays gained excellent reputation for it’s super quality, stable performance,satisfied durability and maintenance free features. 

China Supplier and Direct Manufacturer of Wooden Pallet for Concrete Brick Making Machinery

The regular size and thickness of the pine wood block pallet and Chinese fir block pallet are 1200x900x40mm,1200x870x40mm,1200x870x45mm,1400x900x45mm,850x680x40mm,etc. Hongfa supplies highly customized size and thickness of the wood pallet for the brick making machinery,users and customers can provide us the information of the pallet size, so that we can calculate the pallet price and manufacturing time accordingly.

Hongfa is the direct manufacturer and supplier of high quality wooden pallet for concrete brick making machiery for the concrete production line owners at home and abroad.

32 years experiences direct manufacturer and supplier of wooden pallets for concrete brick and block making machinery.Hongfa supplies various kinds of pinw wood block pallet and Chinese Fir brick pallet with good prices.

Wooden pallet for brick making machine, also called wood block tray or wood block pallet,is made from high quality pinus sylvestris, larch or Chinese fir,is widely used in the blocking production industry. Hongfa wooden block pallet has been serviced our block machine clients during the block production process and finished blocks curing section.

Besides the excellent flexibility of the wood pallet during the brick production,it’s durability and easy handle features are also satisfies our users worldwide. Our wooden block pallets can perfect fit all kinds of concrete block making machines and block production lines.

Hongfa block machine wood pallet uses high quality pine wood boards or Chinese fir boards,this is the important guarantee to the flatness and high strength of the pallets. Moreover,there will be 3 or 4 fastening screws and rods on one pallet,the wood board of pallet adopts male and female slot joints,both ends of pallets adopt the antirust galvanized channel steel as the covers and protection

Technical Parameters of Wooden Pallet for Concrete Block Making Machinery

  1. Materials of pallet: Pine wood board/Chinese fir wood board
  2. Application: Concrete block/brick making machine/Block loading and curing
  3. Name: Block pallet/wooden pallet/block machine pallet/brick pallet,etc
  4. Type of pallet:Double faced wooden block pallet
  5. Length:500mm to 1500mm ( can be tailor-made)
  6. Thickness:30mm to 50mm ( can be tailor-made)
  7. Moisture content:12% -18% ( can be tailor-made)
  8. Static bending strength:≥39 Mpa
  9. Temperature resistance:≤120 degree Celsius
  10.  Density:400-550kg/cbm
  11. Service life:More than 5-8 years

Block Pallet for Concrete Brick Making Machinery

What is the pallet used for a concrete block making machine? In the block and brick making industry, the process of molding blocks by a concrete block making machine or by a large and fully automatic concrete block production line, the pallet used as a carrier for loading the wet blocks after block is demoulding. In addition, pallets are also widely used during the block curing process. With decades continuous innovated research and development, Hongfa has created and developed many kinds of block machine pallets with different materials, and Wooden Pallet, PVC plastic pallet, Bamboo Pallet, Bamboo-PVC surface and edge covered Pallet, Glass Fiber Pallet (GMT Pallet) are among the best.


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