“Priorities for Establishing an AAC Production Line”

Priorities for Establishing an AAC Production Line

“Priorities for Establishing an AAC Production Line”

November 16, 2022
  1. Is the AAC plant design reasonable?

Unreasonable design will seriously affect productivity and efficiency.

  1. Equipped with side plates, steamingcars, and whether the molds are reserved. 

If it is just for AAC machines price considerations, the number of AAC equipment is too theoretical, then in the production process, it will be the same as the relay, the production is very tight, and a little slower, it will affect the entire production. Therefore, when we make plans for our customers, we have more reserved side panels, steaming trolleys, and mold boxes. The price is higher for sure.

Hongfa AAC block machinery in factory

  1. Is the AAC production process good?

A.The fineness of the sand is the core technology (the sieve residue is below 25%), the coarse sand is easy to sink, and the ball milling time is 6-8 hours (the steel section inside is adjusted to adjust the fineness of the sand)

B.The higher the silica content, the higher the quality of the AAC brick (qualified at more than 65%, preferably more than 75%). Of course, when the silica content is low, it can pass the heating temperature (regulated at 20-30°). In order to catalyze the reaction rate.

C.AAC plant Control the mixing time (the sanding section needs to be stirred for two hours, and the mixing is stirred for 4 minutes, otherwise the cement will not function).

D.Pre-curing time has a great relationship with temperature, and the pre-curing temperature is about 50-55 degrees.

AAC block cutting system in factory

E.Temperature control (45-50 degrees, depending on the material) is critical to the amount of raw materials used. If the temperature of the stirring is too low, the utilization rate of the lime will be lowered, and the gas is not ideal, which will increase the amount of the slurry, resulting in an increase in cost and an increase in the specific gravity of the block. If the temperature is too high, the chemical reaction is too fast and there is no curing, and the mold will collapse. Under normal circumstances, each mold needs (4.2 meters of mold) lime 295 kg, cement 270 kg, but when the silica content is low, without heating, the lime should be 350-430 kg, the cement does not change. With an annual production capacity of 50,000 cubic meters, the temperature control is not good, and it may use more about 2200 tons of lime annually.

F.In the case of low silica content and no heating, it is necessary to add a dry powder meter and firstly mix the cement so that the cement can fully absorb the water, otherwise it will affect the strength of the aerated block.

G.Domestic electronic measurement can reach up to +-3%, the error of 1000 kg is 30 kg, and 2000 kg is 60 kg. The measurement is to ensure its error, long-term stability and stability. The powder we use is called the Italian METTLER brand with a measurement error of 1%. The powder error is too large to affect the composition and yield.

  1. The sand began to chemically react at a pressure of 1.1-1.2 MPa at a pressure of more than 175 °C. The hydration reaction did not reach a constant pressure of less than 8.5 hours, and the intermediate strength of the block was very low. If the pressure is too large (such as 1.3Mpa), the scrap rate will reach 15%. There is alsoa lot of steam. The pressure of fly ash in the booster is preferably 0.9-0.95Mpa, and the actual constant pressure is 8 hours.

J.The comprehensive AAC block strength depends on the level of foaming, so that it foams low and reduces the amount of aluminum powder.

K.Why most customers’ finished AAC block strength of only 2.8Mpa and high cost, mainly due to process problems, silica content of lime, temperature, pressure and so on. The same AAC equipment, different processes, can cause a cost difference of 20 yuan(2.85usd) / cubic. (The difference in process will mainly affect the amount of sand/flyash, , lime, cement and aluminum). With an annual production capacity of 50,000 cubic meters, the cost difference is 6 million yuan (142,500usd).

AAC block production line at site


When comparing prices, it is better to consider the following factors:

A.Size and quantity of autoclave.

B.Boiler tonnage

C.Cutting quality of the AAC cutting machine. Cutting precision reaches: ±1mm. The AAC cutting machine is relatively stable with gear transmission. Some use chains, which are easy to loosen and the cutting size is easily deviated.

  1. AAC Side plates, AAC steamingcars, number of molds.

E.Equipment material thickness. For example, some manufacturers use too thin materials, mold boxes, side plates have been deformed after less than a year. Our mold boxes, side plates, will not be deformed for almost ten years.

For example, Hongfa AAC mold uses 10mm original plain manganese steel plate Q345, mold box weight is 1700kg, other manufacturers mold is much lighter in weight, Hongfa side plate uses 10mm thick plain manganese steel plate Q345, each piece weighs 588kg, other manufacturers less then 400kgs, Hongfa steam car is 448kg, and the others are only 220kg each.

F.Main power control system main components use Siemens, Omron, ABB, Schneider and other electronic components.

5.The yield of the AAC production line. Hongfa can reach 99.9%.

6.Reasonable recycling of waste water and waste.

7.How to save electricity, save fuel and save steam. Save as much as possible.

8.The steel section of the ball mill is not chrome steel, the chrome steel section is more durable, and the general steel section is not durable.

9.The maintenance cost of Hongfa AAC machine and equipment is 2 yuan(0.285usd) per cubic meter, while the equipment maintenance cost of other supplier is 5 yuan(0.714usd) per cubic meter.

10.Hongfa AAC block and AAC wall panel equipment has a design life with 20 years. Actual use can be up to 30 years.

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