Experienced Supplier of Tailor-made Designs for AAC Blocks,AAC Panels and AAC Lintels Production Line

Thanks to the vast domestic market and rapid economic development in the past 40 years,China has witnessed and experienced the establishments of more than 500 various types of AAC production lines with a total design capacity of more than 40 million cubic meters, which makes China becomes the most extensive use of fly ash AAC with the most mature technology in the world.
Moreover,Chinese developers further expand the scope of raw materials, and successfully use other industrial wastes such as crushed stone from stone processing, waste slurry discharged during the production of cement pipe piles, and glass, coal mining, gold mining tailings, etc., as siliceous materials. It is widely used in the production of aerated concrete. With the development of production, a number of scientific research institutes and colleges and universities engaged in the production, equipment and application technology of aerated concrete have emerged throughout the country, and systems for scientific research, design, teaching, construction, equipment and supporting materials have been established and improved. Established standards and specifications from raw materials, products, test methods and construction applications. China has developed and formed a complete industry system of autoclaved aerated concrete. As a successor and innovator,based on the researches and developments of the European counterparts and National Architectural Research Institute of Ministry of Construction,HONGFA has developed and formed the new concepts of AAC technology from the early 1990s.
  1. Innovated technology from Ytong standard—the most advanced European AAC standard
  2. 30 Years experiences on AAC industry research,development and innovation
  3. Established and supplied services for more than 110 AAC plants in China and worldwide
  4. International services centers and engineers team
  5. Detailed consulting services from planning to AAC plant establishment
  6. Immediate response on service of equipment, accessories production and technical support
  7. ISO,CE Certificates
Now HONGFA becomes a key player in the AAC production industry and her main products and services are supplying complete solution for AAC production lines with various designs for AAC blocks, AAC panels and AAC lintels,etc. Tailor-made designs for newcomers and refurbishments for existing plants.
  1. Sand type or fly ash type AAC block plant
  2. Sand type or fly ash type AAC panel plant
  3. Refurbishments for existing AAC plants
  4. Equipment and spare parts services for existing AAC plants
  5. Products process improvement
  6. Expanding capacity from existing plants

HONGFA provides a comprehensive range of machines,equipment ,accessories and technology for producing AAC products. Establishment of an AAC production line is a systematic project,it requires precised raw materials analysis,accurate mixing and dosing,high standard control of fermentation process,etc..HONGFA autoclaved aerated concrete production lines are technically mature and caters to various demands based on different countries,locations with highly tailor-made solutions. Sophisticated technology from HONGFA engineer team accompany with your AAC plants with reasonable process,high efficiency,and satisfied final AAC products.


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