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Cement Roof Tile Making Machines

Cement Roof Tile Making Machine

Another key business of Sinohongfa Group is R&D and supply colored cement tile equipment, cement tile making machine,automatic roof tile production line machines,colored tile machines, PC brick and PC slab making machine, colored tile equipment, tile making machines, etc., with strong technological innovation strength. Our tile making machines are guided by China National Building Materials Xi’an Wall Material Research and Design Institute and the National Building Materials Industry Wall and Roof Material Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center. And has passed ISO9000 quality management system certification.

Automatic concrete roof tile molding machine
Automatic roof tile making machine
Cement roof tile producing machine
Roof tile cement tile machine
European Style Tile
Hongfa tile making machine
HF cement roof tile machine supplier
Auto PLC tile making machine

Extruding Type
Cement Tile Making Machines

Hongfa is one of the most professional manufacturer of cement tile making machines,roof tile machinery and cement tile production line machines in China since 1990. We manufacture and supply complete solution and full set cement tile production line machines and equipment. Hongfa is the top brand of cement tile machine supplier in China.

Our cement tile machinery factory supplies 4 models of cement tile production line with different capacity.E.g. HF-12,HF-20,HF-30,HF-50 automatic cement tile extrusion production line. The capacity of the cement roof tile plant can be customized,from 1 million pieces cement tiles to 15 million pieces per year.

Extruding type cement tile making machine

Hongfa Extruding Type Cement Tile Making Machine Concrete Roof Tile Machine Manufacturer


Model of tile machine:HF-30

Product’s name:Cement Roof Tile Making Machines

Speed: 30 pcs/minute

Annual production:3-4 million pcs / year 

Product Dimension:420*330mm

Method:Extrusion tile making machine


Employee:18 persons/group

Packaging:Wooden case(except forming Machine)

Delivery time:45-60 days

Cube type:20GP & 40GP/set

Extrusion cement making machinery
Roller type cement tile producing machinery
Cement tile production machine

HF8-150 Automatic Roof Tile Making Machine

Forming pressure: 130T-250T

Forming speed: 5-7 pcs/min.

Power of host machine: 5.5kw-7.5kw

Weight of host machine: 5800kg

Dimension:3100 x 1600 x 2600mm

Installation area: about 150m2

Curing area: about 60-100m2

Tile specification:424x337mm (Customized)

Dosing&Demolding process: Automatic

Cement roof tile making machine

Raw materials: Cement, Sand,Stone powder, Pigment and other additives.

Production process: High pressure molding.

Adopt Mitsubishi PLC, integrated control of electromechanical, hydraulic and gas, automatic circulation, interlocking of each action program, stable performance.

Through high pressure forming of mold, the external dimension is precise and the strength is high.

Simple source of raw materials: cement, stone powder, crushed stone.

Wide market demand: Main tile molding machine.

Mold pressing type cement tile making machine
Concrete tile PC brick making machine

Main Features of HF8-180 Tile Machine

The HF8-180 concrete tile making machine, along with her sisters series models, adopts PLC control system, full-hydraulic pressing and pneumatic shaping.

HF8-180 stands out as the best for the following reasons:

1. Faster shaping speed

2. High productivity.

3. High quality and competitive price.

4. Having various kinds of finished product and beauty in structure

5. High density and strength, precision size, can satisfy all requirements of the construction.

6. It serves several purposes and produces all kinds of PC Tile,Terrazzo Tile,Mayan Travertin Tile,Concrete Roof Tile,etc.

Automatic concrete roof tile molding machine

Cement Roof Tile ---Main Tile Samples

Cement Roof Tile ---Accessory Tile Samples

International Users of Hongfa Cement Tile/ Terrazzo Tile/PC Brick Making Machines

Hongfa Cement Roof Tile Making Machine

Cement roof tile making machine
Cement roof tile production line machines
Cement roof tile production line
Cement roof tile plant machinery
Engineer team explain block making machine manufacturing status to brick machinery buyer from the United States


As a top supplier of concrete baking-free block making machines,HONGFA also is a key manufacturer of AAC production line,EPS cement wall panel production line,Concrete slat production line,Concrete batching plant,Terrazzo tile making machine,etc.

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