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Sino Hongfa is the largest and most professional brick machine molds designer and maker in China since 1990.

Hongfa engineers team keep innovating and developing consistently in the technology of brick and block molds designing,processing and manufacturing. And become the leading concrete block mold manufacturer and cement brick machine mold supplier in China and Abroad.

For the three decades of efforts on creating,Hongfa people proud ourselves for the capability of meeting any demands of the molds of users from all over the world.

Brick machine mold: It is a mold tool with brick machine series machinery as the core component for concrete block and brick producing.The required brick shape can be produced through the mold. For example, standard bricks, porous bricks, bread bricks, Dutch bricks, grass-planted bricks, hollow bricks, large square bricks, roadside stone bricks, pads and other brick samples. Brick machine mould is a necessary part of modern construction of environmental protection projects.

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block machinery mold made in China

Abrasion resistance

When the blank is plastically deformed in the mold cavity, it both flows and slides along the surface of the cavity, causing severe friction between the surface of the cavity and the blank, resulting in the failure of the mold due to wear. Therefore, the wear resistance of the material is one of the most basic and important properties of the mold.

Hardness is the main factor affecting wear resistance. In general, the higher the hardness of the block mold parts, the smaller the amount of wear and the better the wear resistance. In addition, wear resistance is also related to the type, quantity, shape, size and distribution of carbides in the material.


Most of the working conditions of the concrete block machine mold are very bad, and some often bear a large impact load, which leads to brittle fracture. In order to prevent sudden brittle fracture of mold parts during operation, the mold must have high strength and toughness.

The toughness of the mold mainly depends on the carbon content, grain size and organizational state of the material.

Fatigue Fracture Properties

During the working process of the mold of concrete brick machine, fatigue fracture is often caused under the long-term action of cyclic stress. Its forms include small-energy multiple impact fatigue fracture, tensile fatigue fracture, contact fatigue fracture and bending fatigue fracture.

The fatigue fracture performance of the mold mainly depends on its strength, toughness, hardness, and the content of inclusions in the material.

High Temperature Performance

When the working temperature of the mold is higher, the hardness and strength will decrease, resulting in early wear of the mold or plastic deformation and failure. Therefore, the mold material should have high anti-tempering stability to ensure that the mold has high hardness and strength at working temperature.

Thermal Fatigue Resistance

Some molds are in a state of repeated heating and cooling during the working process, which causes the surface of the cavity to be subjected to tension, pressure and stress, causing surface cracking and peeling, increasing friction, hindering plastic deformation, and reducing dimensional accuracy, resulting in Mold failure. Hot and cold fatigue is one of the main forms of failure of hot work dies, and these dies should have high resistance to cold and heat fatigue.

Hongfa block machine mold team

Hongfa Super Mold Manufacturing Process

Mold Made by Sino Hongfa

Mold materials: High-manganese Alloy Steel


Laser Cutting/Wire Cutting:Super Precise Mold Design

Overall Surface Carbonitriding Treatment:Greatly Enhances the Wear Resistance.

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Hongfa Block Mould Facilities & Technology

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Why Hongfa Molds for Your Block Making Machine

Design of Mold:

The requirements of mold design and production are: accurate size, smooth surface,reasonable structure, high production efficiency, easy to automate, easy to manufacture, long service life, low cost. The design of block making machine mold meets process needs, economical and reasonable. Mold structure design and parameter selection must consider factors such as rigidity, orientation, materials feeding mechanism, positioning method, and gap size. The wearing parts on the mold should be easy to replace. For plastic molds and mold-casting molds, it is also necessary to consider a reasonable gating system, the flow state of the molten plastic or metal, and the location and direction of the entry cavity. In order to improve productivity and reduce runner casting loss, multi-cavity molds can be used, and multiple identical or different products can be completed simultaneously in one mold. High-efficiency, high-precision and long-life molds should be used in mass production.

Hongfa mold processing workshop

Why Hongfa Molds Leading the Industry?

 Innovated Conceptions of Mold:

According to the structural characteristics, the concrete brick mold manufacturing is divided into a flat blanking mold and a cavity mold with a space. The punching mold is precisely matched with the dimensions of the punch and the mold, and some even have no clearance fit. Other forging molds such as cold extrusion molds, casting molds, powder metallurgy molds, plastic molds, rubber molds, etc. belong to cavity molds, which are used to form three-dimensional workpieces. Cavity molds have size requirements in the three directions of length, width and height, and the shape is complex and difficult to manufacture. Mold production is generally single-piece and small-batch production. The manufacturing requirements are strict and precise, and most sophisticated processing equipment and measuring devices are used. Hongfa designs,produces all kinds of block molds,brick molds,paver molds,interlocking brick molds,curbstone molds,retaining brick molds,garden brick molds,roadside brick molds for QT3,QT4,QT5,QT6,QT8,QT10,QT12 block making machines and static press brick molding machines.



Mold Materials Selection:

Mold material selection is very important in the entire mold making process. The selection of mold materials needs to meet three principles. The mold meets the work requirements such as wear resistance and toughness, the mold meets the process requirements, and the mold should meet economic applicability.


The plane blanking mold can be initially formed by EDM, and then the accuracy can be further improved by forming grinding, coordinate grinding and other methods. Shape grinding can be done with optical projection curve grinder, or surface grinder with micro-copying and grinding wheel mechanism, and can also be ground with special shape grinding tools on precision surface grinder. Coordinate grinder can be used for precise positioning of molds to ensure precise hole diameter and hole spacing. It can also use a computer numerical control (CNC) continuous trajectory coordinate grinder to grind punches and molds of any curved shape. Cavity molds are mostly processed by profiling milling machines, EDM and electrolytic machining. The combined application of copy milling and numerical control and the addition of a three-way translation head device in EDM can improve the machining quality of the cavity. The addition of gas-filled electrolysis in electrolytic processing can improve production efficiency.

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