Lightweight eps cement wall panel for warehouse wall construction
Semi Automatic EPS Cement
Wall Panel Production Line

HONGFA dedicates to supplying tailor-made solution to our customers with various options of EPS cement wall panel  production line. Besides the full automatic lightweight EPS composite wall panel making machinery, we also develops the semi automatic EPS cement wall panel making machines for the specific demands of our customers worldwide.

The performance of the finished wall panel are with no differences compare to that produced by the full automatic wall panel production line machines.

Wall panel making machines and facilities of the semi automatic wall panel plant are almost the same as the full automatic one. However, the mold cars and the
demolding methods are different.

Application of the EPS Wall Panel

Building Wall Materials: 

Partition wall,External wall and Internal wall

Regular specifications of EPS Wall Panel:


Width: 600mm,610mm,etc.

Thickness: 50mm,60mm,75mm,90mm,100mm,120mm,150mm,200mm,etc.

 Regular shape of the Panel:  Solid panel or hollow core panel.

 Main materials: Cement,River sand, Fly ash, expanded polystyrene particles,Water,Additives,etc.

EPS cement sandwich wall panel for external and internal wall of building and warehouse
EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel for Wall Shopping Mall
EPS cement sandwich wall panel for external wall of tall building
EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel for Wall Apartment
EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel for Wall of Private House and Villa
Lightweight eps cement wall panel used in the warehouse wall
EPS cement sandwich lightweight wall panel samples

Vertical EPS Cement Lightweight Wall Panel Production Line

Configuration of An EPS Cement Wall Panel Production

A standard and typical EPS cement lightweight wall panel plant consists of various equipment and wall panel mold car machines. A wall panel production line has many production sections and procedures.Hongfa provides highly automated wall panel manufacturing machines,the whole production line is equipped with Siemens PLC control system and touch screen control unit. All the process of the wall panel manufacturing is highly automatic. Thus the wall panel machines require less labor and with high efficiency. After training and being skillful, 6 workers can perfectly operate 20 sets of wall panel mold cars plant.

The panel production line can generally be divided into the following parts and sections:

1,Polystyrene Particles (EPS particles) Expanding Section

2,Raw materials Batching and Mixing Section

3,Automatic EPS Wall Panel Mold Cars

4,Foam Slurring Filling Section

5,Wall Panel Curing Section

6,Wall Panel Demolding and Storage Section

Layout and workshop design of an EPS cement wall panel production line

The capacity of the wall panel production line depends on the quantity of the wall panel mold cars and specifications of the wall panels.

Small-medium Capacity: 100,000m2 to 250,000m2/year

Large-scale Capacity: 250,000m2 to 500,000m2/year

Prefabricated EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel Machinery Layout and Workshop Design

HONGFA Services on EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel Manufacturing Plant

Hongfa wall panel machinery company provides users and sandwich panel machines importers with a full set and comprehensive services. Our EPS wall panel machines engineer team will help the owners to start the market research and analysis,ensure 100% success of EPS wallboard production project.

We will help out to do the capacity plan of the panel production line, design and build the most reasonable wallboard and lightweight wall panel production line in terms of the consideration of investment budget and production scale.

Moreover, Hongfa provides free training to local workers and manage team on the operation and maintenance of wall panel manufacturing plant machinery and all the operation process of the plant.

As the leading wall panel machinery manufacturer,we will transfer the latest wallboard production technology and wall panel formula design to users free of charge. and will track the factory production quality and regularly update the production formula and technology for life, and provide lifelong services to the panel production lines.

EPS cement wall panel buyers and users
Lightweight eps cement sandwich wall panel used in the warehouse wall

HONGFA designs,produces and supplies complete solution of lightweight cement sandwich wall panel production line machinery in China from 1990.

The key part of the wall panel manufacturing plant is the panel making machine and mixing system. Hongfa wall panel making machine,also named wall panel mold car and wallboard molding car. Our wall panel making machines have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.

Automatic panel mold car has many partition chambers that can be filled with slurry after the mixing process is completed,and the wall panel mold car can lie down and raise up automatically by hydraulic unit,this design of the mold car working function improves the production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Reasonable capacity and production scale of the EPS lightweight composite wall panel production line depends on the quantity of panel making machines/mold cars, the more quantity of the panel mold cars, the higher capacity of the wall panel. Normally,one wall panel production line will be equipped with 10 sets to 30 sets of wallboard mold cars. Hongfa designs and provides 5 to 50 sets of wall panel mold cars panel production line upon owners demand.

There are three kinds of wall panel making mold cars,automatic vertical wall panel mold car,semi-auto vertical mold car and horizontal wall panel mold car. Hongfa mainly provides these three kinds of wall panel mold cars for the demand of wall panel plant owners worldwide.

And the automatic vertical wall panel mold car plant is the perfect solution and reasonable option of large production scale requirement from many of our machines and plant users and owners. This type of wall panel production line usually equipped with 20 sets to 50 sets of automatic wall panel mold cars, the annual panel productivity can be from 300,000m2 to 700,000m2.


As a top supplier of concrete baking-free block making machines,HONGFA also is a key manufacturer of AAC production line,EPS cement wall panel production line,Concrete slat production line,Concrete batching plant,Terrazzo tile making machine,etc.

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