Terrazzo Tile Making Machine

HFT300 Terrazzo Tile Making Machine

Catering to the demands of the concrete terrazzo tile producing machinery.Hongfa brings the perfect terrazzo tile manufacturing solution that impressed the industry. HFT300 Terrazzo Tile Making Machine is an outstanding star member among the best.

Brief Introduction of HFT300 Terrazzo Tile Molding Machine

  1. Reasonable and compact structure design: host machine dimension 3000 x 1800 x 1950(mm)
  2. Easy operation and maintenance: international brand hydraulic system and air cylinder
  3. High capacity: 4-6 pieces per minute,each sides of the machines works alternately.
  4. Wide adaptation of raw materials: cement,sand,crushed stone,chips of marble,glass,quartz,granite or other applicable materials.
  5. Less labor intensity: only 2 workers can perfectly run the tile production.

Technical Data of HFT300 Terrazzo Tile Making Machine

Total power of HFT300 Terrazzo Tile Making Machine: 18.5 kw

Dimension of host machine: 3000x1800x1950mm

Max. pressure: 300T

Max. size of products: 600mm

Molding capacity: 4-6 pieces per minute

Thickness of the tile: 30mm to 45mm

Workers required: 2-3

Workshop area: 100-200m2

Productivity of HFT300 Terrazzo Tile Making Machine

Any customized sizes can be designed as per your demand

Popular Patterns and Designs of Terrazzo Tiles for Your Choice

The terrazzo tile can be smooth surface without pattern design, or with specific patterns on the surface to achieve unique variety of exquisite beauty.

Product Type Size(mm) Qty/ mould Output/hour
Terrazzo Tile
2 piece
360 pieces
1 piece
180 pieces
1 piece
180 pieces

Grinding and Polishing Machine for Terrazzo Tile


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