What is Concrete Livestock Mature Leakage Board?

What is Concrete Livestock Mature Leakage Board?

February 15, 2022
What is Concrete Livestock Mature Leakage Board?

Concrete Livestock Mature Leakage Board,also known as livestock manure leaky slat,slatted joint board, is a kind of concrete reinforced slat for farms in modern aquaculture. What is Concrete Livestock Mature Leakage Board? This is a new kind of fecal leaky board that produced by livestock manure concrete leaky board production line machine.There are many kinds of dung leakage slats, such as cement dung leakage slats, plastic dung leakage slats, reinforced concrete dung leakage slats, and new dung leakage slats. As a  manufacturer of slatted panel equipment for livestock farms in China, Hongfa mainly provides a complete set of  automated reinforced concrete slatted panel production line equipment for domestic and foreign customers.Our automatic concrete leaky slat making machines have been used in many countries and regions.

Pig manure leakage slat and leaky board has been widely used in modern pig farms. Especially in high-bed intensive pig breeding, from pregnant sows, farrowing sows, weaned piglets to fattening pig farms, full slatted or semi-slatted floors are used. The use of a slotted floor not only facilitates the collection of manure, but also enables ventilation and separation of dry and wet, and can also improve animal hygiene and epidemic prevention conditions. The selection of production equipment for manure leakage board is very important. The new type of manure leakage board production line equipment developed and produced by Hongfa is very suitable for livestock breeding enterprises.

The manure leakage board is mainly made of cement, with sand and crushed stone as aggregates, adding an appropriate amount of admixtures such as water reducer. New type of manure leakage board made of threaded steel skeleton. Concrete manure leaky board made by automatic PLC control slat molding machines has the characteristics of high strength, no damage to pig teats, no damage to pig feet, no water absorption, acid corrosion resistance, no aging, no sticky manure, easy cleaning, no need for beams, etc. It is widely used in livestock breeding farms of various scales at home and abroad.

Concrete Livestock Mature Leakage Slat

What is the Advantages of Concrete Livestock Mature Leakage Slat?

High strength: the Concrete Livestock Fecal Leakage Slat is made of high-grade cement and reasonably matched with several concrete additives, so that the concrete strength can reach above C40. The highly automated manure leakage board production equipment and machines are applied to producing manure leakage slat with various sizes, and the manure leakage board has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti- Penetration, no damage to pig trotters, non-stick manure, easy cleaning, no need for beams, easy maintenance, etc. The steel mesh adopts welding technology to weld point by point to increase the bearing capacity of the leaking manure board. The total bearing capacity of each plate is up to 1000 kg, and each single strip bears 400 kg (referring to the large orifice plate), and it is only necessary to support the four corners of the concrete slat during installation. 

Water saving: The space size of the manure leakage board made by Hongfa slat making machinery is reasonably designed, the corners of the holes are arc-shaped, and the trotters are not damaged. The holes are small at the top and the bottom is a trapezoid. Save investment, and more importantly, reduce the burden of treating sewage.

Increase economic benefits: The pig and other livestock house built with the cement leakage board can effectively control the temperature and harmful gases of the pig house. Certified by experts, high temperature in summer will cause severe heat stress to pigs. The high-bed pig house built with leaking manure board only needs to open the floor windows in summer, and the wind can cool down from bottom to top, which solves the economic loss that pigs do not eat for long when the temperature is high in summer. In winter, when the temperature is low, a water heating device is installed under the manure leakage slat floor. The temperature rises quickly, and the pig house is dry and comfortable, which is conducive to the growth of pigs.

Fast and convenient installation and handling: Because it is a prefabricated concrete leakage slat, the maximum length of the slat can be reached 3 meter, and the maximum width can be reached to 1.2 meters. There are also many customers who make customized specifications such as 1500x600mm, 1800×600,2000x600mm,etc. Hongfa provides customized leakage board molds , can meet the needs of various conditions. Due to the relatively large size of the manure leakage board, it is very convenient to transport from the factory to the farm, and the installation is also very convenient and fast. There is no need to install the beam, and only the four corners of the manure leakage board need to be supported.The above are some of the advantages of concrete livestock manure leaky board and leakage slat.

concrete reinforced slat for pig farms

How to Produce Concrete Prefabricated Livestock Fecal Leakage Slat?

The slats are mainly made of high-strength graded cement concrete and internal threaded steel skeleton.It is made of high-grade cement, sand, etc., according to a certain proportion, and is made by the dung leakage plate mold and the vibration platform. The manure leakage board is equipped with double-layer steel mesh, which is spot welded by rebar, and has strong load-bearing capacity. The new type of manure leaking board mould is designed with oval type manure leaking board, which is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, which is easy to leak manure. The two splices of the pressed manure leakage board form a complete manure leakage ditch to increase the leakage area.

The equipment and machines of the automatic slatted panel production line machinery mainly include: feeding system; distributing system; forming system, which includes slat mold, vibration platform, forming gantry and troweling device; maintenance trolley, curing room, and overturning stacking system. Hongfa livestock manure leaky board production line machines and equipment adopts automatic production scheme and control system to improve the production efficiency of slatted board, high product qualification rate, less labor intensity, and lower labor costs.

What are the Materials for Producing Concrete Leakage Slat?

The automatic manure leakage board production line equipment and machinery is used to produce batches of finished manure leakage panels. The raw materials used are mainly additives such as cement, sand, gravel and water reducer, and steel mesh is added to increase the strength and Loading capacity.

Reference raw materials and formula ratio of concrete manure leaky board producing:

 Fine sand: 175kg

Crushed stone: 190kg

Cement: 100kg

Early strength agent:3kg

Water reducer: 1kg

Water: 25-30kg

Mixing time of raw materials: about 5-8m, depends on materials and site temperature.

The above is the introduction of what is concrete manure leakage slat, the advantages of concrete slat and the producing process of concrete leaky slat. Hongfa is the leading manufacturer and integrated solution provider of automatic concrete manure leaky board and concrete slat production line machines and equipment in China from 1990.

Concrete livestock manure leaky board production line

Hongfa is a leading manufacturer with 32 years experiences of automatic concrete livestock manure leaky board and pig fecal slat making machines. A direct maker of concrete slat production line machinery.​

A complete configuration of automatic concrete leaky board manufacturing plant including various machines and equipment. For example,concrete batching machine and mixing machine,materials feeding machine for slatted board,materials distributing system,high quality steel mold for required design of concrete leaky board and slat,molding and forming machine,concrete slat turn-over machine,concrete slat demolding system, concrete leaky board stacking machine, concrete slat pallet,curing room and curing cart for wet slat,etc. Hongfa is a professional Concrete Slat and Cement Leaky Board Making Machinery manufacturer in China.And we have supplied and exported comcplete sets of concrete leaky making machines and plant equipment to many countries and regions.

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