What is Concrete Slope Protection Block Making Machine?

Slope protection block making machine

What is Concrete Slope Protection Block Making Machine?

October 7, 2022

Sino Hongfa is a leading manufacturer and supplier of concrete slope block making machines,automatic concrete brick making machines.

Concrete slope protection block,also known as slope laying brick, is a special kinds of concrete blocks with large sizes. This kind of slope blocks are used for protecting the earth and environment.

In recent years, with the large-scale engineering construction and mining, a large number of rock and soil slopes that cannot be restored to vegetation have been formed. Most of the traditional slope engineering reinforcement measures use slope protection structures such as masonry retaining walls and sprayed concrete, which only play a role in protecting soil and water loss. It does not have a protective effect on the ecological environment, on the contrary, it will only destroy the harmony of the ecological environment. With the enhancement of people’s environmental awareness and economic strength, ecological slope protection technology is gradually applied to engineering construction.


The advantages of large block slope protection blocks made by automatic block machines from Hongfa:

1. The interlocking of large slope protection blocks can better exert the overall stability of the pavement system, thereby ensuring the stability of the pavement

2. The large-scale slope protection block has a large weight and strong anti-fluid sprint ability, which can ensure the repeatability of construction, thereby reducing the tediousness of construction, improving the construction progress and saving project costs.

3. Large-scale slope protection blocks have a certain porosity, which can fully meet the planting and growth requirements of small trees and shrubs. The root system of plants is more developed, which plays the role of anchoring and reinforcing the slope protection, and can better improve the soil strength. So as to achieve better ecological greening effect

4. Large-scale slope protection blocks have higher requirements on forming machinery and equipment. The company adopts a patented high-end brick machine production line, and the error can be guaranteed within 1.5mm to meet the generation needs of large blocks.

Features of the Concrete Slope Blocks and Slope Bricks:

1.Interlock effects

2.Uniform type, no need to use multiple concrete blocks

3.High strength and durability

4.Flexible structure, suitable for use on various terrains

5.Permeable, reduce the hydrostatic pressure in the foundation soil and prevent the occurrence of piping

6.Provides a safe, non-slip surface for sidewalks, driveways or boat launching ramps

7.The surface layer can be planted with grass to form a natural slope

8.Resistant to freeze-thaw, seawater and other chemicals

9.The construction is convenient and fast, ordinary people can lay it manually, and large-scale equipment is not required.

10.Easy to maintain and economical


Construction Technology of the Concrete Slope Bricks and Blocks:

Construction preparation – measurement and staking – site preparation – topsoil preparation and laying – grass seeding – completion cleaning – management and maintenance

The Function of Ecological Slope Protection

1.Slope protection function: The deep roots of the vegetation have an anchoring effect, and the shallow roots have a reinforcing effect;

2.Prevent soil erosion: It can reduce the pore water pressure of the slope, intercept rainfall, weaken splash erosion, and control soil particle loss;

3.Improve environmental functions: Vegetation can restore the destroyed ecological environment, reduce noise, reduce light pollution, ensure driving safety, promote the degradation of organic pollutants, purify the air, and adjust the microclimate.

How to Use Sino Hongfa Concrete Block Making Machine to Produce the Concrete Slope Blocks and Regular Bricks?

The automatic concrete brick making machines can be divided into small scale brick machines,medium scale brick machines and large scale brick machines. For example,QT4-15,QT4-15D,QT4-15F concrete block and brick making machines are with small capacity,so the QT4 models of block machines are small scale brick making machinery. And QT6-12,QT6-15,QT6-15D,QT8-15D,QT8-15B are medium scale block molding machines. While QT12-15D,QT12-15F,QT15-15 machines are large scale concrete block and brick making machines.

The above various models of block making machines are hydraulic pressure brick machines. These host machines are multifunctional block machines. They can produce almost all regular used hollow blocks,solid bricks,pavers,interlock bricks,curbstones,slope bricks,grass pavers,garden pavers,etc. The only thing need to do is to add extra molds accordingly.

Welcome to consult and order Hongfa professional slope protection brick production equipment and a full set of production lines. We will, as always, wholeheartedly provide the highest quality brick machine equipment and the most professional services for users at home and abroad.

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