What is EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel?

Hollow core and solid core eps cement wall panel of large size and small size samples

What is EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel?

January 23, 2022

What is EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel? Many of Hongfa new partners of wall panel making plant and wall panel machinery importers will ask this question at the beginning of making plan  to set up a lightweight EPS cement composite wall panel production line using Hongfa wall panel making machinery and solution.EPS cement wall panel,also called EPS cement sandwich wall panel,or EPS cement wallboard and lightweight composite wallboard, is a kind of new type and high grade construction materials for walling projects and has been widely used by contractors and project owners worldwide. Before making decision to set an EPS Cement Wall Panel Production Line,many investors and buyers will surely bear the question of what is the EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel?

Lightweight EPS cement composite wall panel

Well, Hongfa Wall Panel Making Machinery Factory would like to share some tips and insights of this new type walling materials,here there will be three parts to answer the question what is the EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel.

Part 1: What is the Main Raw Materials for Making EPS Cement Wall Panel?

Based on decades of experiences and practise on R&D and manufacturing of wall panel production line machinery and technology on the EPS cement wall panel manufacturing industry,Hongfa people have figured out the type of main raw materials for make the EPS cement sandwich wall panel. Sand,fly ash,stone powder,slag,perlite.etc, can be used as the main wall panel making materials, adding cement,expanded EPS particles(Expandable Polystyrene Styrofoam),chemical additives and water,under the accurate and precised formula and ratio, making the foam slurry, and the wall panel can be with the skin side cover board or without such side cover board just remain plain wall panel surface. If using the skin side cover board, commonly there are two kinds of side cover boards are widely used, one is Calcium Silicate Board the other is Cement Fiber Board. 

Raw materials for making lightweight composite wallboard

The above is the introduction of raw materials for producing the EPS cement sandwich wall panel,we can see that those materials listed are rich and extensive sources for making the wall panel. The raw materials are recyclable and no pollution,so the EPS wall panel is  green,environment-friendly and sustainable walling materials.

The left side the images of calcium silicate board. This is the main side cover materials for making lightweight EPS cement composite wall panel. The regular length of the calcium silicate board is 2440mm, width is 610mm, thickness is 4mm to 6mm, most of our wall panel making plant owners use 5mm or 6mm thickness as the wall panel side cover board.The calcium silicate board is fireproof and waterproof, its a perfect materials as the protect cover for the EPS sandwich wall panel.

Calcium silicate for making eps cement wall panel
Lightweight eps composite wall panel applied to building

Part 2: What is Lightweight EPS Cement Wall Panel used for?The use and application field of the lightweight EPS concrete wall panel is wide and popular. The wall panel can be massively used for most non-load bearing wall. And the specifications of wall panels are customized for different application purposes, for example, there are internal wall panels, external wall panels,partition wall panels and floor panels,roof panels,etc.

EPS cement wall panel is widely used for any kind of building and project, such as Offices, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, airports, hospitals, skyscrapers, bars, factory warehouses, factory workshops, prefabricated houses, apartments, villas, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

The easy installation and high working efficiency features make the EPS lightweight composite wall panel as a popular walling materials in the construction industry worldwide.Global contractors are inquiring Hongfa EPS cement wall panel making machine and planning to establish automatic wall panel production line to full fill the market demand.

Part 3: What are the Advantages of EPS Concrete Sandwich Wall Panel?

Due to the unique components and structure, this kind of EPS cement sandwich wall panel provides comprehensive advantages and special characteristics that no other panels or wall boards can.The various advantages of lightweight composite wallboard over traditional brick walls make it quickly become an important wall construction material in the construction industry of various countries, and it is widely used in various commercial and residential buildings. The benefits, performance and environmental benefits of building with lightweight composite wall panels have been widely recognized by society.

Composition of EPS cement wallboard and wall panel
Lightweight EPS cement composite wall panel carried by two workers

Lightweight and Cost-saving

This is the lightweight wall panel,the core of panel filled with expanded EPS particles,so the density of this kind of wall panel is 600kg/cbm to 750kg/cbm,the density is equivalent to 20% to 25%  of the weight of the traditional wall. Projects and buildings using the EPS cement wall panel can greatly reduce the structural materials, and then greatly reduce the construction cost.

Energy-saving, environment-friendly

This kind of EPS cement wallboard/EPS concrete wall panel is made of green and environmental raw materials. It is non-harmful substance, radiation free, no construction waste and clean construction site. So the wallboard is widely applied for walling materials in various projects and buildings. 


The fire-retardant polystyrene foam particles as the core material and the calcium silicate board with excellent fire resistance as the outer protective panel make this EPS cement wall panel have good fire resistance.The fire resistance performance reaches A level of the National Standard. 90mm thickness wall panel has more than 4 hours fire resistance limit.Good fire and heat insulation performance makes lightweight composite wallboard a national fireproof building material. As a wall material for modern buildings, it has a good guarantee in terms of safety and environmental protection.

EPS cement composite wallboard fireproof test
EPS sandwich wallboard waterproof test


Waterproof is another characteristic of this kind of wall panel. Outstanding waterproof and moisture-proof properties make a wider application range of lightweight composite wall panels. This advantage makes the EPS concrete wall board can be applied to various wet and damp conditions, such as kitchen,bathroom,basement,etc.

Anti-impact and Earthquake Resistance

The EPS cement wall panel is a kind of prefabricated walling materials,the regular size of the wall panel is 2440mm x 610mm x 100mm, so the size of the panel is large, and the special tongue and groove design makes the panel joins well. So the building used this wall panel has A class performance of anti-impact, anti-cracks,anti-press and earthquake resistance.

Wallboard strength test
Lightweight EPS cement composite wall panel strength test

Sound Insulation

Based on the National Standard of Code for Measurement of Building Sound Insulation GB/T50121-2005, the air sound insulation of 90mm thickness EPS cement wall panel is more than 40dB. Good sound insulation performance makes this kind of wall panel more widely applied to different kinds of projects.

Heat Preservation

As the wall panel are made from green and environmental and energy saving heat insulation materials,so the finished wall panel has superior heat insulation and prevention performance.Buildings adopted this kind of EPS cement wall panel has stable indoor temperature and more comfortable indoor environment.The EPS cement lightweight wall panel has the function of automatically adjusting the moisture content in the indoor air with seasonal climate changes, keeping the humidity at a constant level and achieving the effect of ecological adjustment, which is in line with the development trend of modern residential buildings.

EPS lightweight wall panel for apartment
Single point hanging force test of eps wall panel

Strong Hanging Force

Single point hanging force of the wall panel produced by HONGFA wall panel making machinery can reach 1000N. Based on the test, wall panel with 75mm thickness made by our wall panel machines can reach more 1000N hanging force. So there is no worries about hanging an air conditioner or a water heater when the apartment is used the wall panel.

Fast Installation and High Efficiency

The wall panel can be drilled,nailed,cut,sawed for any shapes and sizes required during the installation process. And all the small pieces or large pieces of wall panel can be used in the construction without any wastes. Dry mixed mortar is used for the wall panel installation. So the construction site is dry environment, it’s clean and no dust or wet at site. Projects used this kind of wall panel can greatly reduce costs and improve the installation efficiency.

EPS cement wallboard used for partition wall

In sum,compared to the traditional brick or blocks walls, EPS cement sandwich wall panel has obvious advantages such as green and eco-friendly,lightweight,fireproof,sound proof,water proof,anti-impact,earthquake resistance,heat prevention,strong hanging force,fact and high installation efficiency,etc.

Based on it’s obvious advantages of the EPS wall panel, the investment of setting up new EPS cement wall panel production line has huge support from governments worldwide in taxation and other incentives.

HONGFA people has profound technology and concepts accumulation in the production of new type lightweight EPS cement sandwich wall panel production line machinery. We provide tailor-made solution and one-stop plan of establishing wall panel manufacturing factory and facilities. We not only provide complete chains of wall panel making machinery and equipment, but also transfer wallboard and wall panel production formula and technology to our users free of charge. Free training to the local workers and consistent support to the wall panel plant makes HONGFA a reliable partners of our wall panel plant users worldwide.

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