What is Steam Curing Wooden Pallet for Concrete Block?

What is Steam Curing Wooden Pallet for Concrete Block?

March 11, 2022

Many of the new users of QT4-15D to QT12-15F concrete making machines have asked What is Steam Curing Wooden Pallet for Concrete Block? According to the classification of non-burning concrete bricks, brick machine pallets can also be divided into two types: high temperature steam curing pallet and natural curing pallet.Steam curing wooden pallet is a kind of pallets that used for loading the wet blocks during the production and putting in a chamber that curing the blocks with steam. The steam is generated by a water boiler. So know we know that the steam curing pallet is for concrete block making process and curing process.

High-temperature steam curing bricks refer to the production of bricks that are heated and steamed in the kiln or steam curing room. The temperature in the kiln is kept at 70-90 degrees and the steam curing time is 8-10 hours. Steam curing brick machine pallet refers to a brick pallet that can be used in a long-term steam kiln at 60-100 degrees, and high temperature steam curing  wooden pallet for concrete block or brick making machine should be kept for a long time without glue opening, low swelling rate, corrosion resistance, wear-resistant surface, non-deformation. Please click here to learn more abour Hongfa Concrete Block and Brick Making Machine.


High quality wooden pallet with good price for wet block loading

The non-burning brick high-temperature steam curing wooden pallet is made of a non-perishable and non-deformed pine wood plate as the strength plate, and the surface is made of wear-resistant sheet.The characteristics of this brick machine pallet: light weight, high wear resistance, strong impact resistance, high temperature resistance of about 100 degrees, not easy to deform or crack. 

High quality wooden pallet for block making machinery

Natural curing bricks refer to the products between minus 5 degrees and plus 50 degrees, and the maintenance period of the bricks is 15-20 days before they leave the factory for sale. The brick pallets used in the production of natural curing pallets at minus 5 degrees should be kept continuously and not broken. Brick pallets that remain unchanged at 50 degrees above zero, do not rot, swell, wear-resistant surface, light weight of a single board, and have strong impact resistance are called natural curing pallets.

Chinese fir wood pallet for concrete brick in steam curing room
Wooden pallet for concrete blocks steam curing
Wooden pallet for steam curing room of blocks

Wooden pallet is mainly made by pine wood board and Chinese fir board,after special processing with reinforced techniques,it is the ideal loading pallet for concrete block making machines and brick production lines, no matter the concrete blocks are under natural curing or under steam curing in the curing room, wooden pallet is the good option for both curing methods.

Wooden brick machinery pallet with good quality
wooden pallet factory for brick making machinery
Good quality wooden pallet for brick making machinery with male and female slot
Wooden pallet for brick machine with piercing rebar

Hongfa is a professional manufacturer of concrete block making machines and wooden pallets for brick machines in China from 1990. So we have profound experiences and mature technology for making superior quality wooden pallets for the brick making machine industry. Please contact us for more details about our wooden pallet or other brick machine pallet via 

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