Why Wooden Pallet is important for Concrete Brick Making Machine?

Pine wood pallet for concrete brick making machine after package

Why Wooden Pallet is important for Concrete Brick Making Machine?

March 3, 2022

Good quality wooden pallet is very important for the concrete brick making machine.Especially for large model of brick making machines, high quality and durable wooden pallets are important for the quality of the finished concrete blocks,bricks and pavers,etc. For example,many owners of QT8-15,QT10-15and QT12-15 block making machines are adopting pine wood pallets for their brick manufacturing plant.

Brick machine wooden pallet, also named wooden tray for block molding machine. The wooden pallet is used as the loader and carrier for wet blocks during the production process.As the direct and leading manufacturer of wooden pallet for block making machine in China from 1990,Hongfa highlights the foremost principle of Quality First and Customers’ Satisfaction First,so our high quality block machine wooden pallet has gained excellent reputation among users around the world.

Wooden pallet for block machine ready for shipping

How to choose high quality wooden pallet for a concrete brick production line?

From the investment and profits aspects,to choose high quality wooden pallet for concrete brick production line is the foremost issue to be consideration.During the concrete block and cement brick production process using the automatic concrete brick making machines,it’s necessary to consider how to choose the good quality wooden pallets for the cement brick making machine.Because the pallets are very important for loading the wet blocks when molded by the block machine,and during the wet block curing period,the brick machine wooden pallets are required as the carrier for the blocks till it becomes dry enough for stacking. There are several kinds of pallets for the brick production industry, for example,wooden pallet,PVC pallet,Bamboo pallet and GMT pallet,etc. Hongfa wooden pallet for concrete brick making machine is made of high quality pine wood and Chinese fir wood board. The pine wood pallet is very suitable for many models of concrete block machines of different brand. The long service life and stable performance with reasonable price of our block machinery pallets are well received by block machines users at home and abroad.

Chinese fir wood pallet for block making machine
Wooden brick machine pallet price

How to choose reliable manufacturer and supplier of wooden pallet for block machine?

Hongfa team has profound experiences and technology in the automatic block machine wooden pallet production for more than 30 years history. Besides the high quality wood board materials using for the wooden pallet of brick making machine,the special techniques and process are adopted for producing the wooden pallets.

1,the wooden block machine pallet has the male and female slot on each wood board,the whole piece of the brick machine wooden pallet is connected and jointed very well,so the splicing between the wood boards is tight and firmed.

2, three or four pieces of fastening Q235 stud bolts are used in each brick wooden pallet,so the Therefore, the overall performance of the wooden pallet has been significantly improved, the fixation between the wooden boards is more secure, and the bearing capacity of the block pallet is much better.

3,C-type anti-oxidation hot-dip galvanized steel lining technique is adopted for each wooden pallet,the edges of the pallets are well protected by the channel steel cover.It prevents the loosening of the wood pallet and prolongs the service life of the block machine pallet.

4,The edge and both sides of the wooden pallet adopt Hongfa’s special repair process, the pallet surface is smoother and more beautiful, reducing friction and wear on cement bricks, and improving economic benefits.


Good quality wooden pallet for brick making machinery with male and female slot
wooden pallet factory for brick making machinery
wooden pallet for brick machinery with good price
Good quality wooden pallet for brick loading
Wooden brick machinery pallet with good quality

Why Hongfa wooden pallets are well received by concrete brick machines owners?

Due to it’s superior quality and excellent performance,Hongfa brick machine wooden pallets are popular and well received by the block machines owners at home and abroad. Please refer to the following introduction of some of the advantages of our pine wood pallet:

Long service life: Due to its high quality materials and special processing techniques, our wooden pallet can use for more than 5-8 years in the block production line.The longer the service life of the wooden pallet, the user does not need to replace the pallet frequently, thus greatly reducing the production cost and improving the profit of the block making business.

High quality wooden pallet with good price for wet block loading

Lightweight: the standard density of the pine wood pallet for block machinery is less than 550kg/cbm, it’s much lighter than PVC pallet or GMT pallet. The density of wooden pallets is 50% of the density of PVC and GMT pallets. So workers of the brick plant can easily handle the wooden pallets during the production.

Low water content: Because we have strict standard and requirement on the wood board materials, and using special drying process of the wood board before making the wood pallets,the water content of the pallets are controlled very well,it’s only 12% to 18% water content, and the rate of water content can be tailor made according to different working conditions of the block machines and brick production line.

Parameters of wooden pallet for brick making machine

High bending strength: the bending strength of our wooden pallet is more than 39Mpa, the wet blocks and bricks will not be influenced due the bending value of the pallet,therefore, the quality of the block is guaranteed, improves the yield of concrete block production line.

Accurate size: Hongfa guarantees that, the ordered wooden pallets will be strictly produced in accordance with the conditions and requirements reached through discussion by the buyer and seller. For wooden pallets,tolerance of length and width will be less than 4mm, tolerance of thickness of the wooden pallets will be less than 1.5mm, there will be 3 fastening screws and rods on each pallet,the wood board of pallet adopts male and female slot joints,both ends of pallets using channel steel covering. 

High quality wooden pallet for concrete brick molding machinery

Tailor made specifications: We produce and supply various specifications of wooden pallets for brick machines with different models, the length of wooden pallet can be 1000mm to 1500mm, and width of the pallet can be 500mm to 1500mm, thickness of the pallets can be 30mm to 50mm, the block machines owners can provide us the sizes of the wooden pallets required, so that we can make accurate quotation accordingly.

Reasonable price: Because we are the large and leading block machines and wooden pallets maker and supplier,so we have obvious advantages of complete industrial chain in the block making industry,we have strict costs control strategies,therefore we always offer reasonable prices of our wooden pallets to concrete brick production line owners around the world.

Fastening screws on the wooden pallet for brick making machine

Fast production and timely delivery: The Hongfa team is very rich in brick machine use wood pallet production technology, with more than 30 years of technical accumulation, and its exclusive technology is also very advanced. It has various wood pallet production equipment and machines, and carries out production and stocking in strict accordance with user requirements to ensure that it can be completed on time. The production of the pallet order, and the complete packaging of the pallet products, to facilitate long-distance sea or land transportation, and to ensure that customers receive satisfactory pallets.

pine wood pallet for brick making machinery wooden pallet with good price
Wooden pallet maker in China for brick machine
Finished wooden pallet packaging for shipping

Our wooden pallets and other kinds of block machine pallets are well received by the users worldwide,no matter for a newly established concrete block making plant or an existing brick production line, if you are planning to order high quality wooden pallets with good price from a reliable and experienced pallet supplier,please feel free to contact us via email: sinohongfa@gmail.com or WhatsApp&Wechat: 0086 191 9569 4800. Hongfa wooden pallets team will provide the best services and price for your pallet order.


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