Wooden Pallet is Necessary for Large Block Making Machine

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Wooden Pallet is Necessary for Large Block Making Machine

February 17, 2022
High quality wooden pallet for block making machinery

Wooden pallet is necessary for large scale block making machine.Because this is determined by the production method and curing way of the concrete blocks,concrete bricks,concrete paving stone and kerbstone.

Using wooden pallet in the process of block manufacturing plant is an ideal option. Most of the wooden pallet for brick making machine are made of pine wood board and Chinese fir board,the quality of these kinds of wooden pallet are superior and guaranteed. The block machine wooden pallet is main used as the loading pallet during the concrete block is pressed by the block making machine,and also the pallet is applied to the process of wet block curing. 

High quality wooden pallet with good price for block curing

There are two ways of curing for wet block,one is natural temperature curing,the wet blocks loaded on the wooden pallets and transported by the forklift or other ways, and placed on the ground for curing.The other method is steam curing,the wet blocks and wooden pallets are put into the steam curing room by a finger cart for steam curing. This is the common way of block curing for the full automatic concrete block production line.

Good price wooden pallet maker in China

The wood pallet is an indispensable material in the production process of cement bricks and blocks. There are two kinds wooden pallets that usually used by concrete block making machine owners, one is pine wood block pallet, the other is Chinese fir wood pallet. Why the wooden pallet is popular for concrete block making machine owners,this is determined by the characteristics and performance of the wooden pallet.


the wooden pallet made of pine wood an Chinese fir wood is light in weight,the density is only 500kg to 600kg per cubic meter. The density of wooden pallet is only about 30% of PVC pallet, and only about 25% of GMT pallet and 20% of bamboo pallet. So the wooden pallet is very easy to be handle by workers during the block making process. The lightweight features makes the wooden pallet necessary and popular amount many of brick making machinery users at home and abroad.

Wooden brick machinery pallet with good quality
Concrete block pallet for brick making machine
Wooden pallet for block in steam curing room

2.Special treatment

Hongfa wooden block machine pallet is made of high quality of pine wood plate and Chinese fir plate,the thickness of the wooden board is from 40mm to 50mm, and the thickness of the wood pallet can be customized. The wooden pallets are suitabe for most of the models of concrete brick making machinery.

Using the male and female groove splicing process, the splicing between the wood plates is more compact and firm.

Steel-piercing technology is adopted on the wooden pallet making process,there will be 3 or 4 pieces of rebar penetrated through each wood plate to fastened by screw nuts. This technique will avoid the wood plate loosing during high pressure from block molding and vibrating.

Both ends of the wooden pallet are covered with galvanized anti-rust channel steel and fixed with rivets.This is the second guarantee to ensure that the wooden pallet is fasten and durable.

Degreasing drying treatment is another guarantee that ensuring the wooden pallets preventing the block pallet from deformation and reduce the rate of pallet swelling and dry shrinkage. For excellent quality of wooden pallet, the water content rate is from 12% to 18%.

Wooden pallet for brick machine with piercing rebar

3.High strength

The static bending strength of the wooden pallets(Longitudinal) is more than 39Mpa, and the elastic capacity is more than 3000Mpa.

4.Long service life

Most of the block machines owners are satisfied with our wooden pallets for it long service life and easy to clean. Normally the wooden pallet using our standard can use in the concrete block making machine for more than 5 to 6 years. Using Hongfa wooden pallet can greatly reduce costs and improves profits for the concrete block production lines.

pine wood pallet for brick making machinery wooden pallet with good price
Wooden pallet maker in China for brick machine

So how to choose the professional manufacturer of wooden pallets for the concrete block making machine is an essential problem for most brick factories.High-quality and reasonably price of the wooden pallets are conditions that most brick factories should consider.

When concrete brick machinery owners decide to import wooden pallets,there are some information should be provided to wooden pallets manufacturer,for example, the length,width and thickness of the pallet; the quantity required; the lead time of the order; and the certificates required of the wooden pallet for customs clearance. For instance, the Fumigation and Phytosanitary certificates are required for wooden pallet buyers from India,Vietnam,Brazil and other countries. Besides the wooden pallet, there are also other kinds of pallets for block making machines, for example, PVC pallet, GMT pallet, Bamboo pallet and Bamboo-pvc pallet,etc. Which kind of pallet to choose in based on the brick machines conditions and the investment plan.And the size of pallet also determined by the models of concrete brick machines, for example,QT4,QT5,QT6,QT8,QT10 and QT12 brick machine uses different size of pallets.

Block pallet manufacturer in China

From the above article, we can know what are the main features and advantages of wooden pallets. And we can also know what is the main materials and process of making the good quality wooden pallets. Moreover, we will have a better idea of how to choose a good manufacturer of wooden pallet for block making machinery with guaranteed quality and fair price.

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